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Bill Orton
(D-Long Beach)

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2002 Election

Candidate Statement

by Bill Orton

       NAME:   William R. “Bill” Orton
        AGE:   40
DESIGNATION:   Director, local nonprofit

   I'm Bill Orton.  

   I’m running for State Assembly.  

   I’m 40, have lived here since first grade, am married,
and the father of one.  

   To me, government’s job is to help make life better for
ordinary people.  

   People shouldn’t get sick just because they go in the 
ocean.  We need to clean up our coastline and rivers.  

   Parents shouldn’t worry if their children are getting
a substandard education.  We need a credentialed teacher
in every classroom, a computer on every child’s desk 
and a nurse on every campus.  

   Small investors shouldn’t fear catastrophic news when 
the mailman delivers earnings reports.  We need tougher 
oversight on accounting and corporate audits.  

   Pro-choice, pro-labor, pro-environment? Yes.  

   Support the death penalty? Yes, I do.  

   Enough gun laws already? Yes.  

   Drivers licenses to illegal immigrants? No.  

   Help seniors & kids with health care.  Absolutely.  

   Label genetically modified foods, ban human cloning
& promote stem cell research.  We should.  

   Waive fees on hunting and fishing licenses for 
veterans.  Yes.  

   The Assemblyman ought to be like Pizza Man.  
You ought to see him all the time and he ought to “deliver.” 
When you need help, I’ll cut red tape and give you the 
service you deserve.  

   I believe that a nation such as ours, born of revolution 
and sustained through sacrifice, can reap an endless harvest 
of miracles.  

   Old Glory can fly over a cleaner ocean, safer streets, 
invigorated classrooms and above the world’s most 
productive people.  

   I’m Bill Orton 

   I’d sure like your vote for Assembly.  

Bill Orton is a writer and historian living in Long Beach, California.