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Billy Orton spent decades working in politics and the Labor Movement, and now -- after a stroke -- is simply an obscure novelist. | EMAIL BILLY

Party of Grace throwing Independence Day barn dance to help save America from hate

    Thursday, June 15, 2017 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- A political party that technically doesn't exist built a tiny barn for it's Fourth of July "political reviv'ul mtg," where the guests most likely will be happiest about leaving the event to go watch the Queen Mary's fireworks.

    "A barn dance brings people together," said Billy Orton, who left the Democratic party after three decades of working as a press secretary and deputy to five state elected officials. "America is suffering from hate, and we need to be saved."

    But a barn dance where no one would fit inside the barn?

    Battling hate is about symbols, says Orton.

    Anyone attending couldn't possible fit in the tiny wooden barn constructed by his brother, and that will sit atop a restaurant table, as guests eat Thai food and watch Disney WWII-era propaganda and a newsreel about Franklin Roosevelt.

    Maybe Orton pushes the envelope.


    Most Party of Grace messaging hits hundreds of thousands on Facebook, but the former press secretary also sends types and handwritten letters to former presidents and national political figures.

    Former US Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, of Connecticut, wrote back, thanking Orton for comments about a possible appointment to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

    In his handwritten reply, Lieberman -- who ran for Vice President in 2000 -- gave the first kind words to the Party of Grace.

    "Thanks for your thoughts about the soury state of our politics today," said Lieberman, "and good luck with the Party of Grace."

    Despite near-daily Facebook posts, Orton says Party of Grace would be lucky to draw a dozen people for the two-hour Thai food dinner event, in downtown Long Beach.

    So hate will be battled on Independence Day by a tabletop barn and a record player.

    Since no one can fit within the barn, everyone will line up next to restaurant tables for the "Soul Train Hand-Bump Thank-You Dance," as a symbol of kindness to help save America from hate.

P   E   R   S   P   E   C   T   I   V   E  

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.