‘Hurricane Donald’ and the rising waters of hate

    Friday, October 6, 2017 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Like a hurricane swirling around the nation, the President slaps friends in the face, tweets spewing hatred, and only the Oval Office shows an illusion of calmness.

    Rank-and-file Republicans are being threatened by a possible “purge” of the Congress, so that current Members get ousted by fringe voters of either side. The left makes no gain and the right gives the President a lackey.

    Issues that Republicans have long pushed now rest on a sand dune, as shown in DACA bargaining by the President for Democratic buy-in.

    Flawed as our 37th president may have been, Mr. Nixon is correct, when he said, “If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing.”

    Health care, taxes, Social Security, or the risk of nuclear war are played like pawns in a game for the President.

    Hatred of race, gender, national origin, veterans, journalists, open-minded Republicans, and anyone who is not a lackey for the super-rich get slammed by tweets and videos.

    In polarizing division, ordinary Americans who like the President are deepening their love, because they hate the other side. And visa-versa.

    Hate itself is the swirling waters and destructive wind of a hurricane, poisoning ordinary Americans while the President eat cake in the ovular-shaped calm of the West Wing.

    As Florida and Puerto Rico suggest, politics under this president leaves no one safe from the destruction of a hurricane. The only calm waters of Hurricane Donald is the bubble that surrounds him.

    Even the President’s closest allies -- including the Cabinet, congressional leadership, and the Vice President himself -- get slapped in the face by a crying bully.

    When does a hurricane end, and allow ordinary Americans to again see Noah’s Great Rainbow?

    Do the rank-and-file of the GOP simply swallow their fear of being drowned in the rising waters of Hurricane Donald? Or do they simply pray that a radical fringe does not “purge” them from office, to give the President his lackey?

    The Democratic party -- which I left after 25 years -- is broken. Their own rank-and-file is far more credible at listening to ordinary Americans then their leadership. The opposition offers no meaningful platform, other then holding their cards close to the chest.

    Only rank-and-file Democrats -- like Sen. Kamala Harris, of CA -- are saying in direct language that hatred is ripping this country apart. But words in a hurricane cannot be heard. As waters and winds rise, Hurricane Donald threatens to destroy a Grand Old Party and this once great nation.

    How can we end America’s newest long national nightmare?

    Impeachment by the House? Conviction by the Senate? The current VP becoming 46?

    Removal of the GOP, either by fringe lackeys or chucking Democrats through their own internal purge?

    Is a vigorous debate of major issues drowned by Hurricane Donald?

    Ending Social Security as we know it? Killing Frankenstein’s monster of the ACA? Giving the super-rich a massive tax cut by a President who tactically distracts public attention by spewing hatred of football players?

    Hurricane Donald cannot make a nation great through the rising waters of hate.

    -- Bill Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.