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Billy Orton spent decades working in politics and the Labor Movement, and now -- after a stroke -- is simply an obscure novelist. | EMAIL BILLY

Lemonade Park, America

    Monday, January 1, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Across this nation, politics is a duke-fest in which money and power are the eternal fight.

    But when most ordinary Americans are handed lemons, they add sugar and water.

    Think what one may about ANY president, but the duke-fest is so ripping us apart that we are not pulling weeds from the garden. Instead, hatred is choking the fruit and vegetables that sustain our souls.

    Perhaps the simplest symbol that American can again come together would be that somewhere -- anywhere -- there is dedicated an orchard, on 45th Street, that features a grove of lemon trees.

    Thankfully, the greatness of this nation is seen in the richness of our soil.

    On every inch of this nation is found God’s greatest gifts, starting with water.

    There is plenty of sugar, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, as canes rise near Pearl Harbor and settle in the Carolinas.

    Even the preciousness of lemons is undeniable.

    Everybody knows what it is to be knocked down. The choice then is whether to get up, or to instead roll like a ball to forever lose hope.

    This first day of a year unlike any we’ve seen in generations is a good moment to think how we can come together.

    This humble messenger used an ancient manual typewriter to send a four-page letter to a Councilwoman, saying that Lemonade Park might be one of the places where we can again remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Perhaps Long Beach CA will be the first in the nation to dedicate “Victory Gardens” to thank a rich man from NY who made a New Deal with ordinary Americans.

    But any town where lemons are sold -- which would be everywhere -- we can put aside our harsh divisions, give teenagers tools to squeeze citrus, and ask musicians to play “Paper Moon” and dancers to perform the Charleston.

    In every community, let there be a barn dance, to let go of the pain of this bitter harvest.

    Let yours become the first city in America where citizens can join hands, and we can truly make America smile again.


P   E   R   S   P   E   C   T   I   V   E  

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.