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A soul slain like a sacrificial lamb

    Thursday, January 4, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Thursday, January 4, 2018

    My own arrogance is that I am such a good writer, that I can toss harsh words, thinking they’re funny, like calling the President’s backers “hate-spitting lackeys” or summing up legislation as a “No Fat-Cat Left Behind Act.”

    I joined millions of ordinary Americans to drop money into the lottery, and thirteen bucks is probably more than I should have spent.

    But that arrogance prompted me to label a game as the opportunity to bash the President.

    Inside myself rises words (but not of a voice), saying I should NOT slash with humor over a silly game.

    But the lottery -- $400+ million -- seemed like a pretty good way to sum up a game that the President plays, which is to “divide and conquer.”

    The President won election by scoring one basket in a 2-to-0 game against a babbling opponent. Now, he must win re-election by forcing the opposition to hate him, so that time keeps ticking, and his game is again a victory with low numbers.

    Who can help the President win?

    -- THE SUPER-RICH? Is it my own arrogance to summarize their agenda as the “No Fat-Cat Left Behind Act?”

    -- NAZIS AND THE KKK? Hatred is nothing new, and it is inaccurate to label the group as “hate-spitting lackieys.”

    -- THE SILENT MAJORITY? Richard Nixon won overwhelming reelection in 1972, coining that phrase. Is fear the President’s tool to make voters shiver?

    I am but a humble messenger, and know not exactly why it is that I feel compelled to have exited the Democratic Party, and register with a political group that technically does not exist.

    I feel certain that this President is himself so utterly arrogant that he would lump those Fat-Cats and hate-spitting lackeys into his jacket pocket. He would tweet and crow about his own greatness, to push down resistence within the Grand Old Party itself.

    But unlike Mr. Nixon, the only thing that seems to matter for this President is himself.

    I honestly believe that in one year, the GOP will have so deeply be crushed by a tidal wave of fury that the majority in each chamber of the Congress will shift. Across the country, the waters will rise and sweep away governors and stae legislators who carry Mr. Lincoln’s party.

    If the November 2018 election is massive in defeat, the surviving elected officials of the Republican party will be furious. When leaders stand head-to-head with a selfish and arrogance bully, what happens then?

    The President will laugh at his own supposed friends.

    And then he will ditch the Republican Party.

    Again, it would be absolute arrogance for me to believe that I alone am the voice in the wilderness who is projecting that this President will abandon the GOP, so that his Fat-Cats and lackeys can hold power with a party that also doesn’t exist.

    It’s almost crazy, but I believe that this President cares so little about other souls that he would sacrifice even people of deep faith, thinking that the unwilling sacrifice of a lamb is food on his table.

    It is selfish that my own writing seems worthy to bash the President, be it in a funny meme, or with harsh analysis of politics.

    But, again, I existed the Democratic Party, because they are broken. I felt compelled to register as Party of Grace, and am the sole member of a party that doesn’t exist.

    Why am I doing this?

    Because I believe with absolute fidelity to my own soul that he will abandon Mr. Lincoln’s party, his Republican leaders, and history itself, so that he can pound his chest and announce -- in December of this year -- that he is exiting the GOP.

    If the President does indeed leave the Republican Party, that means he would have to form a machine to carry his burden. He needs a new political party. It would need a name.

    The President cannot win reelection as leader of the FAT-CAT Party.

    It is unlikely that undecided voters would cash their ballot for the NAZI or KKK party.

    The rich and the hate-spitting lackeys are not enough.

    Who is left as a core base of support for the 2020 election?


    Within each heart is the thread of a soul driven not by party or bickering politics, but truly by hope that His Greatness would itself be mirrored in our paltry political leadership.

    A soul of deep faith is not a bad person. Indeed, quite the opposite. Theirs is a heart of Glory, to pray that in His Greatness, God Himself would look upon the rising waters to help us to find Noah’s great rainbow.

    As I weep in this writing, it must not be my own selfishness and arrogance that allows me to think I am better then the President, or his supporters. While I can not see a single bill that I would support, I recognize that one party won, and legislation falls to the hands of victors, as their own political capital.

    But unless the Republican Party isolates this President, then they shall be measured as themselves being lackeys. Most are fine people who are kind to others, and simply hold different political views.

    But in ten months, voters will decide whether the kind souls of political leaders is cast unto the knife.

    Indeed, if the GOP is toppled, and surviving leaders try to smack the President’s face, he will cast the GOP itself into the fire.


    If there is no GOP for the President, and he cannot win as the FAT-CAT or HATE-SPITTING LACKEY parties, what is the name of the new party?

    Voters will laugh and reject the GREAT PARTY.

    Thus the most cynical measurement of this President is to see his entire soul as so empty that he is ready to dupe and pretend that SOULS OF DEEP FAITH should join him in a political reviv’ul.

    I am arrogant to say this, but I believe completely that the President will ditch the GOP in December of 2018, and call himself the leader of PARTY OF GRACE.

    After getting my heart patched by surgeons in 2014 and then my brain sliced open after a stroke in 2015, I feel myself to be a SOUL REBORN. Within these incredibly difficult years since my heart and mind were saved, my own thoughts have embraced God.

    In Dec 2015, hobbling at St. Mary Medical Center, unable to speak, within me came a sentence. “Let go of selfishness and arrogance.” In the days and weeks that followed, within me I found myself called to serve as a humble messenger.

    I don’t know precisely what it means, but I step onto the end of the abyss, so that I may be the voice in the wilderness.

    It most certainly is unlikely that a political leader will ditch a major party, and create a new one that only feeds the right by dupping souls of deep faith.

    But as God indeed is Omnipotent, He better than I would know the truth, and I can only believe that which is given to me.

    Tonight, it was not winning lottery tickets. (I probably shouldn’t have spent $13.) It isn’t my funny meme about horse shoes that wash away arrogance.

    It is belief. The only truth is that which is true. If time ticks, and December arrives, let it be known to the President is not the first member of PARTY OF GRACE.

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.