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Who shall rise from a Party of Grace?

    Sunday, January 14, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Our 45th president is finishing the first year in office, and like fame itself, everyone knows who he is, but fame just means you know the name and the face. In this case, also the President’s great hair. Probably pays a lot of money for that hair.)

    A year from now, the American people will say what they thing of the man with the great hair. Do they think he is so great that the Members of Congress get patted on the back and hired again?

    The opinion of this humble messenger is that Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party will endure the worst Off-Year election since Richand Nixon resigned in 1974.

    Seen as a crook who held his own list of enemies, Mr. Nixon dragged the people through “America’s long national nightmare.” Only when it was made clear to the President that his own party would abandon him and remove him from office did the President resign.

    After the Vice President took the desk in the Oval Office, Americans reached catharsis. The nightmare, as President Gerald Ford called it, was over. The power machinery of the Republican party no longer had Mr. Nixon to kick around anymore.

    Even though the crook was gone, Republicans were smashed in the election a few months after Nixon’s resignation. Voters were so mad about the actions of the former President that their fury carried them into the polling places. When the curtain was pulled closed, the hearts pounded, and the GOP faced one of its deepest defeats.

    Two years later, when President Gerald Ford faced his own reelection, the gentleman carried himself with such grace that he nearly one. If given just another week, most agreed, he probably would have taken victory. Other Republicants saw their party climb upward, after a crook shoved them off the cliff.

    Today, as the national nightmare returns, it is up to judges and investigators and Members of Congress itself to figure out what’s true. There is only ONE TRUTH... that which is true.

    One can dice and slice the definition of the word “sh_t-hole,” but if you say it, then it was said. There is only one truth.

    If a stripper is paid for fun and then given $130,000 to hold her mouth closed, then a judge or jury might eventually make that decision. But the Members of Congress who face the court of public opinion might fall from the cliff before the truth can fully be known.

    Did another nation buy an election? Is the tax law just a “Leave No Fat-Cat Behind” cash-register? Will the price of raw ahtred and open racism keep our people safe, or simply poison the nation and the world?

    It falls to the man with the great hair.

    The party of Mr. Lincoln came into existence in the 1850s, when the super-rich had spent decades unable to rely on politics to stay rich.

    In 1816, when the King of England demanded to get his colonies back, the richest Americans said that the King should win the war. So the super-rich went to a city in Connecticut, where the insurance money was banked.

    Fat-Cats calling themselves the Federalists voted to label the party of George Washington as in support of the King’s demand to have his colonies back. The super-rich didn’t like the American’s defending the country, when their own wealth could be guarenteed by kissing the King’s ring.

    So deep was the opvious act of treason by the Fat Cats that actual politicians within the Federalist Party saw that they could never win another election, if voters said, “Oh, that’s not George Washington’s party. It is the Fat-Cat party.”

    In the presidential election of 1820, there WAS no candidate of the Federalist party. The Members of Congress had exited George Washington’s party, because Federalists had left him. The first man seen by historians as a truly “great” president was robbed by the rich.

    So, since the Fedewralist party disappeared, there had to be SOME way for the people of money to gain power. For decades, they called themselves the “Whigs.” They did not put forward deep political agendas, but instead looked for famous faces with great hair, and said, “Oh, voters will know who HE is.”

    Fame won several presidential elections for the Whigs, but never did voters pony up to define themselves as members of the party. It was not until the bankers and insurance sellers posted middle-ground positions on the hardest issues that the Republican party was born.

    Shall we be a nation divided by race hatred, or do we end slavery everywhere immediately? “Well,” said the Republicans, “maybe..., sort of..., let’s take a look.”

    Should the rich stay fat and the poor starve? “Well,” said the Republicans, “maybe..., sort of..., let’s take a look.”

    So in 1856, once again, a famous face of a military hero gave a run for President, by that General was undefined by national politics and not known enough to beat the Democratic party, whose own base of support were the slave-owners, poor farmers, and northern workers and small businesses.

    Then came the honest man from Illinois, who was funny and smart and tall. Not too many people knew him, but when he stood as a Republican for US Senate two years earlier, Abraham Lincoln -- who served just one term in the House of Representatives -- shocked everyone by almost winning his campaign for Senate.

    The presidential election gave voters a better voice on issues then the Republican party itself A smart man who was a fair lawyer, he made people smile while all others in politics were trapped by division and hatred.

    Open racism had a candidate in 1860, as did those who wanted to end slavery immediately. The Democratic opponent was the Senator who had beaten Mr. Lincoln two years earlier in Illinois, and was considered the smartest man in Washington.

    Because the nation was deeply divided, voters were not bound by party name or fancy hair. Mr. Lincoln’s hair was not particularly great. When he was accesed of lying, Abe said, “If I am called ‘two-faced,’ why would I choose THIS ONE?” His middle ground positions gave some hope that perhaps the hardest questions could be faced by an honest man.

    A nation divided gets reflected in national elections, and Mr. Lincoln won 40% of the popular vote, but because his states were big, he took a certain victory.

    Hatred is not illegal, nor is greed. So heart poisons by hate and brains hungry for wealth again did to the nation what the Fat Cats who called themselves Federalists had done by openly siding with the King. The rich slave-owners swelled the hate, and before Mr. Lincoln got the keys to the White House, bombs fell upon American soil.

    A brutal rebellion sliced the imperfect Union in two. Said the gentleman of Illinois, “A house divided cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln’s army was itself brutal, and his own Republican party radicalized to crush the rebellion. Indeed, the hatred was so deep that the man who historians consider the second truly “great” president was shot by an actor in a theater, and slain as the war drew to a close.

    The Democratic party had exited the Union as the main power structure for the rebellion, and radical Republicans -- with their founding president dead -- jammed through a reconstruction of the nation so deep that blood flowed for a century of division and hatred.

    Republicans held uninterrupted power for almost 50 years. The few Democrats who won were famous faces with nice hair and support that included more than simply a base of voters in the south. Even in 1912, when a Virginian who belonged to the Ku Klux Klan ran as the Democrat, it only was a divided Republican party that took the White House away from the Grand Old Party.

    Only by the arrival of the third (and last) president who historians consider “great” -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- could the Democratic party rise beyond the narrow slices of support from a region of rebels and the working class in the north. For the first time since Abraham Lincoln, black voters -- thouse few who were allowed to vote -- went with the Democrats, as did farmers and ordinary Americans who wanted the hope of Mr. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”

    The 1932 election was a Fat Cat in power who wanted the rich to stay rich, even though our economy had collapsed. On the other side, Mr. Roosevelt himself was a rich man, and was Governor of the biggest state in the Union. Mr. Roosevelt had to watch the President do nothing to help ordinary Americans, because Herbert Hoover refused to spend a dime -- not a single dime -- to rescue people freezing in the snow of our long national nightmare, caused by a Great Depression.

    President Herbert Hoover spew hate and collected campaign money from the rich, while Mr. Roosevelt -- a rich man -- said that ordinary Americans matter more then Fat Cats. By massive numbers, Franklin Delano Roosevelt defeated the most powerful man in the world, because voters pulled the curtain closed, and gave the keys for the White House to a man in a rich man in a wheelchair.

    Once again, the super rich almost lost a political party. No Republican could stop Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal.” When FDR sought reelection in 1936, he told ordinary Americans that if he got hired again, he would create a Social Security program so strong to no politician would ever be able to rob the poor so as to pay the rich. Roosevelt won every state in America, except for Maine and Vermont.

    Fat Cats -- seeing the Republicans disintegrate -- started hugging Mr. Roosevelt, who they hated because he had himself ditched the rich. The 1940 GOP candidate said only nice things at Mr. Roosevelt’s historic campaign for a third term. And after voters again gave a massive victory to Franklin Roosevelt, the candidate who had just run against him -- a businessman from New York -- held meetings with the President.

    The rich businessman who had lost in 1940 -- Wendel Willkie -- told Mr. Roosevelt that if the rich could not win as Republicans, they would form another party. And if Mr. Roosevelt wants to get the rich back on his side, he could make a “deal with the Devil” on big things.

    Shaking hands with the Devil still burns the skin. Mr. Roosevelt wanted support from the rich -- old-monied people like Rockefeller -- that could allow FDR to peel away from the southern conservatives whose raw racial hatred still carried elections.

    Mr. Wilkie could not form a third party, and the southern conservative Democrats stayed in the New Deal base of voters. While briefly hate shaped a break-away by southerners when FDR’s death put Harry Truman in power, still the Democrats carried the south for another generation.

    When the man known as a crook took the White House in 1968, a cetral aspect of his campaign was his “southern strategy.” Richard M. Nixon used issues driven by hate, and stood at the edge of the cliff. But because the former Congressman and Senator and Vice President was a skilled politician, Nixon knew when words of open hatred would throw himself and his party off the cliff.

    Only the long national nightmare of Nixon’s scandals and crimes ended his presidency. Newspapers reported that the President’s lackeys had broken in to the national headquarters of the Democratic candidate. Money filled secret safes. But Members of Congress sat quickly while the allegations grew.

    When a smoking gun is fired, then the truth is clear. The fog of Nixon’s chaos hid the truth of whether he really was a crook, but the “smoking gun” evidence was so blatant in revealing the corruption of Mr. Nixon’s presidency that finally the GOP isolated the President, and then abandoned him.

    In August 1974, a senator from Arizona -- Barry Goldwater, who had run a blatant race-based campaign as the Republican presidential candidate -- marched to the White House, with fellow senior members of the Grand Old Party, and demanded to see the President. Inside the Oval Office, Mr. Goldwater made clear that the House of Representatives was about to pass an Act of Impreachment. Then Mr. Goldwater told the President that when the legislation came to the Senate, a conviction would pass overwhelmingly, and it was him who would carry the motion to remove the President.

    Days later, Richard Milhous Nixon -- the 37th president -- announced his resignation, “effective noon tomorrow.” His own choice for Vice President -- Spiro Agnew -- had won two elections with Nixon, but his own corruption caused his resignation. It was the vote of Senators to put Gerald Ford into the job of Vice President that meant Nixon’s resignation handed the White House to a man who voters had never cast a ballot for.

    A nice guy with a great family and who told the truth and was kind of clumsy did a good job, even though he faced a tough term. Many hated his decision to pardon Nixon, so as to end the national nightmare. For man, the pardon was itself a bad dream, and it cause so many to go to the polls agains the GOP that Repuiblicans lost the 1974 Off-Year election by massive numbers. Nevertheless, Mr. Ford almost pulled it off, to win in 1976, when an obscure governor from Georgia won, largerly on his fidelity to God and truth.

    Ever since the resignation of Richard Nixon, voters have remained deeply divided, but still stuck with just two major parties. Other political organizations exists, and run candidates for president, but no party pulls more than a tiny sliver of the vote. In 1992, a rich man who absolutely talked the truth managed to divide the right, and another centrist run up the middle, and Bill Clinton defeated the most powerful man in the world.

    For a century, Americans had worked together, to build roads, lay electricity, build an economy, win globals wars, defeat our biggest foe in a cold war, and even land humans on the moon. But while his own hair is famous, Bill Clinton and every president since has been unable to patch together the American soul.

    Think what one will about every prior president, but one truth is known, which is that each of them LOVED the people.

    Now, the rich man with great hair is dicing and slicing the truth. Did he hire a stripper and then pay her to shut up? Did a foreign king buy an election so he could get our President to kiss his Soviet spy-ring? Is selling the biggest stack of weapons to the Saudies happen just so that his daughter can collect a “donation” for $100 million the very next day, before Air Force One carried them back to the White House with a fat check?

    Only the truth is true, and while the fog of a rich man seems unstoppable, it is the closing of the voting booth curtain that will decide in the court of public opinion.

    When Fat cats kissed the King of England’s ring, the Federalist party politicians exited that party.

    In 1974, only the resignation of Richard Nixon allowed the Republicans to remain a party at all, even though their loss was massive.

    Again, in the opinion of this humble messenger, the question for Republicans must be, “Can our party survive?”

    They either ditch the Fat Cats to face an “Ero of Good Feelings,” or the long national nightmore stays, because an arrogant man who cares only about his wallet is about to doom the Grand Old Party to its worst election in generations. Unlike Nixon, he arrogance and selfishness is so complete that he is not a humbly soul willing to step aside.

    So a rich man can tweet hatred and call “sh_it-hole” the word manure, but Fat Cats will still stay fat if distraction is his tool for division.

    Is the Nixon southern strategy no longer carefully-worded but instead just a smoke screen to hide the wealth of the rich? Hate-spitting lackeys and the super rich clearly love the man with great hair who spews hate.

    But long-time Members of Congress of Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party will suffer the long national nightmare in the 2018 election.

    If lackeys burn a Devil’s fire to mask truth is the President’s fog of chaos, then the Republican party itself faces a collapse forever.

    We may not know for a long time whether the current President hired a stripper and then payed $130,000 for her to be silent, or why Russia matters more than ordinary Americans. But again, there is only one truth... that which is true.

    The court of public opinions shall measure the meaning of God’s Grace, with ordinary Americans again pull closed the polling place curtain, to decide whether souls of deep faith should let a rich man with great hair keep the keys to the greatest building in the world.

-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.