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The imperfection of the human soul

    Sunday, January 21, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Truth tells us that each soul is imperfect.

    Kindness needs forgiveness and humility.

    Listening is the step for kindness about imperfection.

    The one soul registered with Party of Grace cannot speak for others, and must listen to everyone, because no party should grow in a free country by tyrany.

    Yes, the single soul of Party of Grace is absolutely imperfect, not simply of the heart and mind, but all that life delivers. Arrogance. Selfishness. Addiction. Blindness. Jus as these permeate all others, they absolutely make imperfect this soul.

    It is luck that a soul can survive and indeed be again born, and the knives of doctors are a blessing in the minutes and hours of uncertainty.

    After a heart is turned off and sliced open, it is merely luck that the physical heart returns to work. When the head is opened with a saw and the brain diced and sliced, one can count their lucky stars.

    Far more challenging then learning to hobble or read again is a sentence within the mind, when nothing else is logical: “Let go of selfishness and arrogance.”

    It is arrogant to believe that others are blind to my own imperfection. One cannot hide from history.

    Butchery gives a knife to one so arrogant that their own hand holding the blade somehow allows a human soul to judge another.

    Gluttony deludes the lips of what shall plunge the soul into the abyss.

    Deception masks the truth and pat the imperfect soul on the back.

    Thus, if like all others Party of Grace is imperfect, it would be arrogant to bash a president for being a broken soul. There is only one truth. That which is true.

    It is selfishness to mark the truth. Would the sole soul of Grace say, “No me, for I am perfect?” How can one hide reefer when it reeks?

    But truth can not forever be unknown. Even a hate-spitting lackey cannot mask the Eternal Omnipotent of Her Who Possess all that is true.

    If selfishness of the soul feeds on gluttony while masking what God Himself knows to be True, then pity the poor soul, for their will be a plunge deep into the abyss, far beyond the crushing pressures that drown a nation.

    No, it is not the Party of Grace that denies taxpayers the services of government. This party does not technically exist, but is meant simply to be a symbol of a broken nation, through a humble messenger who himself is deeply flawed.

    How lucky can that sole member be that the start of 2016 came in a hospital after the brain was sliced open, such that other would have to endure the misery of hatred rising, while the rebirth of a single soul is the great gift one can experience?

    News seldom is clear, and never can arrogance tweet the truth. When dust covers books containing analysis of the truth, even those who see their minds are all knowing are imperfect.

    Kindness is what one is remembered for. Caring for others. Loving those who you do not know. Believing that one should listen, for then truth can be gathered for shared digestion.

    The kind imperfect soul will forgive others for their own arrogance, for who scowls in a mirror? To forgive another would be the humility of seeing that imperfection, and accepting that the face looking upon them is for their own forgiveness.

    This imperfect Union survives, but not due to the power of only one side. Greatness is not given, but earned. Rare is any soul from ascending to greatness, and easy is it for an entire nation to plunge into rising waters of hate.

    If like this imperfect soul you see upon yourself a mechanical measurement that declares you better, then give thanks. If hardship still lingers, your humility may help you rest when tired.

    It is not for a nation to determine who shall be alone in elegant mansions. If a hand you’ve never shaken is waving fingers in fury, pull yourself back. Their own hatred will grip you, and pull you, and when the rising waters splash upon your feet, that hand of hate will use your own soul as their ladder to selfishly rise from the abyss.

-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.