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The great leader decides when and how to fire.

Thugs, lackeys, hacks, apparatchnik, and the Apprentice versus Members of Congress

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Who does a great world leader hire and fire?

    Who does the Great Leader hire and fire?

    Perhaps Hitler and Stalin offer insight.

    First would be “The Thug.” America’s most recent Nobel Prize winner in literature sang about a man who ain’t got no name, and thinks laws are with him, to protect his own skin, and keep up his hate so he cannot think straight, about the fate that he’s in, but it ain’t him to blame. A Great Leader hires The Thug who barks like a dog on a chain, because it is a pawn in the game who first attacks the opposition.

    Unlike thugs, “The Lackey” theoretically has a brain, but while orders arrive by cell, a smart phone does not mean that smartness is within. The Lackey does what is ordered, but unlike The Thug, may whimper when ordered to bark.

    “The Hack” and “The Apparatchnik” think up actions, and even earn a pat on the back. But like The Thug and The Lackey, they do as told, for all fear being fired.

    In a tie or power suit at a fancy tables, is “The Apprentice,” who seems ready for television, climbing straight to the top. They carry more weight, a burden so heavy that often just below the pike, they fame falls in a rolling plunge.

    All can be hired and fired by a mere signature, in a contract with the Devil with a clear instruction that no one can talk bad about the Great Leader.

    In America, even when The Apprentice is fired, being sacked is just a pink slip.

    Hitler simply killed closes allies. The chief in the brown shirts marched alongside The Fuhrer in Nuremberg, but Hitler’s army didn’t like being second. When the Great Leader ordered “The Night of the Long Knives,” he showed that power is absolute.

    Stalin just sent souls into deep holes, and ordered their life be spent carrying stones.

    How lucky Thugs and Lackeys must feel, that this new Great Leader is giving to them more power then ever have they enjoyed. But each of them -- all the way up to senior staff -- must quiver as the Great Leader yells.

    Technology then, like today, brushes aside The Truth.

    Stalin kept skilled staff at “The Apparatchnik,” who would do anything, including becoming very smart, so they could wipe away souls in photographs next to the Great Leader. Every Soviet leader kept photo editors, and so it is no surprise that hacks and lackeys are Mr. Putin’s technological apparatchnik.

    When America’s Great Leader turns his back, his hate-spitting hacks and lackeys wash away faces and mask The Truth, because orders come from the top.

    If the Great Leader of another country becomes the warm friend of America’s Great Leader, the it is The Truth that is their mutual foe. Each say, “The enemy of my friend -- The Truth -- is my own enemy.”

    Who then does an army of thugs, lackeys, hacks, technologists and senior staff wage battle against, for the Great Leader, while he flies to FL for a golf weekend?

    The Great Leader’s closest battle is to fight his own Republican leaders. The opposition is crushed within by a powerless machine and unfed lovers of love. It is the Majority which must be whipped to obey the Great Leader.

    The Apprentice alone holds the trump card, dressed in beautiful clothes for the national news to carry messages of our Great Leader, who golfs and tweets and slurred the spit of hate.

    Who can resist their Great Leader, who can fire virtually anyone?

    Only elected Members of Congress cannot be fired, unless The People themselves throw out “The Bums.”

    Within Congress are two parties. The opposition watches the clock tick, and remains afraid, broken, and powerless. The Majorities holds absolute power in both chambers, yet cannot stand together even to fund their own government.

    The question for the Great Leader is whether to crush his own party, since the Majority is not absolutely beholden, like lackeys wearing nice clothes.

    According to the Constitution, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is the third most powerful individual in our government. Rep. Paul Ryan, of Wisconsin -- who ran as the Vice Presidential nominee five years ago -- announced his retirement, though he stands near the pike. Perhaps the Great Leader is not so great for Number Three.

    The Majority Leader in the Senate bristles when slapped in tweets by the Great Leader, yet is trapped by chains and still unable to push the upper chamber into disciplined functions of government.

    Both leaders are still beholden, but the “Rank-and’File” of the Republican party shivers in fear, or is learning to bark like dogs.

    In November 2018, furious voters will plunge the Republican party deep into the rising waters of hatred. The Great Leader will laugh as “Rank-and-File” fall off a cliff, and senior Members take retirement.

    Left on the mountain with the Great Leader will be a new band of well-dressed lackeys, and a thin battalion of surviving Republican Members.

    History this horrific for Republicans is the Off-Year election after Mr. Nixon’s resignation, in 1974, and the absolute rejection of Mr. Hoover, in 1932.

    Surviving Republicans may have a different title then “Great Leader.”

    The disaster of the 2018 Off-Year election comes from fury and hatred poisoning our nation.

    Massive protests are just a thin sharp tip of mighty spear.

    Voters of a “Silent Majority” are the long thick hard wood of the spear.

    Republican Members of Congress must quiver as voters watch votes no one thought would happen to feed the rich and stir poison into the well.

    In massive turnout of the opposition that casts an all-blue mark-up of the ballot, voters will throw out “The Bums.”

    Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party itself may crumble.

    Even the resignation of Richard Nixon pales to raw hatred swung by the Great Leader as a hammer. While Republicans suffer the blood, the only name not on the ballot will be that of the Great Leader.

    Some “rank-and-file” Republicans -- like Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, of Orange County CA -- bark like the President’s dogs. Others shiver at the rising blue ocean, silently fearful of their fate. They vote as ordered, for otherwise pawns to wage open war in the primaries, so the Great Leader can tighten his grip.

    A few Republicans in Congress -- a number that is growing -- openly challenge the Great Leader. Brave souls see our nation ripped apart by hatred. But slapping simply makes the Great Leader more furious. As the grip tightens, Mr. Lincoln’s party will be crushed.

    Unlike hacks and lackeys, the souls slapping the Great Leader may survive by support from the “Silent Majority.” Voters pull the curtain and know inside their heart that that Grace cannot be bought and owned, just as bravery is not given, but earned.

    When a senior official is fired -- as happens frequently -- they see pawns follow orders. But brave souls of Mr. Lincoln’s own party are not invisible to the “Silent Majority.”

    Hitler and Stalin killed their own close friends.

    Perhaps Vladimir Putin is handing the game card to another Great Leader, of how to clean house by hiring new Republicans. Membership in the Communist party was only five percent of who lived in the 15 nations that comprised the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), but Joe Stalin made clear that it doesn’t matter who CASTS the votes, but only who COUNTS them.

    So as November 2018 draws near, Republicans NOT retiring must either kiss the ring of their Great Leader, or likely lose to a pawn in the primary, or to the opposition in the general election. The slurs and tweets of hatred will own dedate, but not the hearts and minds of the “Silent Majority.”

    As waters rise and the poles galvanize, each major party becomes its own shadow, sliced into a smaller fringe. And thus the Great Leader may arrogantly pound his chest, and declare that history itself belongs to him, and everyone must await whether he will keep playing the great game, or just change the rules by forming his own party.

    In the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving, the survivors of both parties and America’s “Silent Majority” shall have little thanks to give to the Great Leader.

-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.