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THANK YOU, MR. ROOSEVELT... The last president who historians deem as "great" addresses the Congress.

What is the State of our imperfect Union?

    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- The 44 presidents who delivered State of the Union reports to the Congress were seldom loved, but despite what one may feel about politics, we can be sure that every prior president -- no matter their party or views -- loved The People.

    Now we are a nation divided by hate and the president with the lowest polling numbers at this part of a first term is being hit by his boomerang of hatred.

    Perhaps now, the plunge is so great that Americans across the aisle agree that it is necessary and proper to oust the president.

    As Herbert Hoover learned, when you throw a boomerang of fear and hate, it always comes back. When one spits in the wind, no fine suit or nice hat can avoid the rain of hatred.

    If it were simply “America’s long national nightmare” -- as Gerald Ford said upon taking office, after Mr. Nixon resigned -- then perhaps the secret enemies list and crooked acts would allow the departure of one failed leader to be enough to save the nation.

    A year ago, Oust 45 Save America put forward a multi-front battle to isolate the President. The initial message was to view the Republican party as distinct and different from the man who tweets hatred and turns his back on acts of violence.

    What did the Oust 45 Save America petition offer as the FOUR FRONTS to oust the President?
    Obviously, it is nearly impossible to oust a President who whips his own party in the slavery of shouldering his hatred. Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party must do now what the GOP did in 1974, when a crook with a secret enemies list ran the White House as a tyrant. If not, the only winner is the name that does not appear.

    Republican leaders in Congress have turned their back on the deep cost of hatred that is ripping America apart. Some leaders are exiting the Congress, even at the height of their own careers. The House Speaker is not alone. Also exiting is the Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and leading Senators. Why are they leaving? Possibly because these decent leaders otherwise will lose, either in a primary facing the President’s chosen lackeys, or in a massive flood of fury against anyone in the President’s party.

    This is a free country, and while we may disagree, it is wrong to say that only one party is right. Instead, greatness comes from working together. We won global wars, and grew our massive economy and promoted the laying of track and roads and wider rivers. We even landing humans on the Moon.

    It is not just THIS president who is hated by The People.

    Even George Washington -- who brought our country into existence -- saw his name bashed in every issue of a leading Philadelphia newspaper. Washington refused to spend four more years having his name dragged through the mud.

    The Honest Man who is the first president of the Grand Old Party and rescued our imperfect Union from open rebellion bled from bullets of hate fired by an actor.

    So, too, did the Youngest Elected President himself die from bullets, in a town where hatred could be seen where the American Flag flew upside down.

    With the exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt , every president since the death of Mr. Lincoln either got kicked out of office when seeking reelection, killed or died, or limped from the White House due to voters fury over ineptitude, division, or scandal.

    The difference is that EVERY PRIOR PRESIDENT loved “The People.” All of them.

    No matter how he may brag and pound his chest, the current president has given to Americans the deepest division since open rebellion. One man has enslaved Americans to hatred and fury but turns his own back to violent crimes. In our lowest moment, our President kicked us down the mountain of greatness, and then laughed in tweets and bragging.


    Voters who hate this president will get off the couch in November 2018, and it is not the president whose name appear on the ballot. It will be EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN -- regardless of their personal grace and decency -- who will suffer the brimstone of voters burning fury, as ordinary Americans “Kick out The Bums.”

    Oust 45 Save America again urges rank-and-file Republicans to work with the other side, to isolate and remove the president.

    His arrogance is complete, and his response to isolation will not be like Mr. Nixon, who resigned in his sixth year in office. Thus, the machine of power will not be liberated from the chains of division. Instead, the Apprentice of the President will repeat his bragging, while voters harden and reject his party.

    Upon losing the majority in both chambers of Congress, what is the fate of Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party? There is no way to rescue us from “America’s long national nightmare.”

    The bravery of Republican rank-and-file to join hands across the aisle and oust the president is the way to save America.

    If a bipartisan push ousts 45, then good luck to our 46th president. Everyone has politics, but if the White House keys get handed over to another arch-conservative, at least he has a brief shining moment to show the value of of his own human decency.

    If the GOP turns their back and remains enslaved by a rich man, then ordinary Americans have reason to abandon the GOP itself . Parties begin with a single voter’s registration . The only way history is made is when people get up from the couch.

    Perhaps Gerald Ford could say in his grave, that once again, “America’s long national nightmare is over.”

-- Billy Orton

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.