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Who shall smile, when Russia fires brimstone upon North Korea?

    Wednesday, January 31, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Before getting a free hour of prime-time television to show names of donors, the President told the press that the only way to unite our divided nation is a “major action.”

    Since the two biggest domestic actions in his first year in office has been to feed the rich and hire the poor to build a wall, it seems unlikely that this President can unite our imperfect Union through action of peace.

    He possess no peace within him.

    Thus, the self-proclaimed “stable genius” likely believes that his only path to uniting Americans is war.

    Put aside for a moment whether war is acceptable in any form, and look at the strategic actions this President seems likely to pursue.
  • We have no allied unity within Europe, where national leaders worry about the fate of the NATO Alliance and the President’s friendship with Vladimir Putin. Even England’s Crown Princes snarl at the man who begged the Queen to ride him across London in her fancy gold-speckled horse-drawn cart.

  • Africa can respect George W. Bush, who earned the highest mark of achievement of any president, when his beautiful soul helped one nation rise from the Fires of Hell, after a previous president did nothing. Mr. Bush invested time and money on the betterment of that continent’s economy and health. Now our “stable genius” turns his back to “sh_t-hole nations” where half-a-billion souls must hold little strategic value.

  • In the world’s largest country, China must wonder whether their hesitant willingness to accept a major global air quality act is worth their time now, since America’s new Great Leader doesn’t care that Paris is burning. Maybe China can simply focus on controlling several oceans and retaining domination over the region and occupation of the Dali Lama’s home.

  • In southeast Asia, many people who must now return face governments that they previously fled. The Tweeter-in-Chief spits hate and orders immigration crack-downs, including of Cambodian and Vietnamese refugees. Since no one will be a Dreamer, anyone whose skin is not white shall again endure nightmares.

  • And those islands on big oceans show that since our President does not know where Puerto Rico is located, it is just too far away for even a genius to think about Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, or Japan. Let those cargo ships carry money to Los Angeles, so Air Force One can take the President for a golf weekend in Florida.

  • Crack-downs will send anyone with brown skin over the New Berlin Wall, so Latin America falls into the dustbin of history. After all, the real strategy for a Great Leader is to use government dollars to buy election support from the construction workers who must erect our Berlin version.

    Though the “stable genius” is wrongly reading history, it seems that fire and brimstone shall be his “major action.”

    -- In his first trip to the Middle East, the President flew with family to sign the biggest weapons deal -- $110 million -- to Saudi Arabia. The very next day, the Saudis handed a check for a $100 million “donation” to the President’s daughter. (Hmm, Saudi's obviously have money and bombs.)

    -- While the people of Israel still debate “Who is a Jew,” the willingness of the American President to reject any delicacy over Jerusalem suggests that somebody is worth something to the Divider-in-Chief.

    So who would be left for the “stable genius” to shake hands with? Who is beyond the rich shippers or weapon owners?

    That would be Vladimir Putin.

    Our own Great Leader poo-poos the ongoing, widespread investigation of whether treason and bribery are pertinent. Our President stays tight with a former Young Communist turned spy-chief who has controlled Russia for decades.

    Obviously, the global real estate mogul who has shaken hands with Mr. Putin for decades can count money. But what else is there to gain from Russia?

    Vladimir Putin plays a game that Russians have played for centuries. It is “The Great Game” and asks just one question: “Who shall control half the world?”

    If our President tells the press just before his first State of the Union that unity of our own people requires a “major action,” then the “stable genius” must be viewing Russia as his best friend.

    What could that “major action” be?

    Let us pray this is wrong, but our deepest risk is that Hater-in-Chief will look to his grinning best friend and ask Vladimir Putin to drop Soviet-built fire and brimstone upon North Korea.

    If our own “stable genius” is wrong, neither the American people nor history itself shall judge him well for what immediately would become a Second Korean War.

    Perhaps Vladimir Putin is just holding massive military drills so that Russian troops can drive Soviet-built trucks for a trip across the snow.

    Or perhaps the Russian leader rightfully is keeping ready, when the insane leader of the neighboring nuclear power is firing strategic missiles from North Korea.

    After all, even President Bush knew enough about strategic nuclear risk that he ordered our CIA chief to say in an open hearing in Congress that North Korea has The Bomb.

    So our Great Leader must give a genius answer as to whether getting Russia to drop fire and brimstone onto North Korea will lead to immediate victory, because a sustained Second Korean War is not a path to uniting the America people.

-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.