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CAPTION: Members of Congress sing God Bless America on the steps of the Capitol in remembrance of the terror attacks of 2001, in Washington, Monday, Sept. 12, 2011. On bottom row from left are Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. (J. Scott Applewhite / Associatd Press) || VIDEO || PHOTO

Will God stand beside her, if hatred guides her?

    Monday, February 5, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- In comments to the press before delivering his State of the Union, the President told major media that the only way to bring this country together would be through a “major action.”

    The two biggest things done by this president have been to make the rich richer, with the biggest tax cut in a century, which is paid for by poor workers getting overtime to build or police “a big beautiful” border wall. Since the tax plan appears to likely widen the annual budget deficit, any “major action” would deeper the National Debt.

    How then does a President unite “The People” when his first year has been guided by raw hatred?

    In his State of the Union speech, the President spoke in a different tone, but the Commander-in-Chief must invest far more than a single speech to turn a battleships around.

    Poll numbers show ordinary Americans are unsure about the tax cut, and border wall, but the raw tone of politics has dropped the President to the lowest approval rating in a century.

    Those who don’t support the President openly hate him.

    Those who love the President love that he hates who they hate.

    Hatred is a poison, trickling down tweets and slurs. The only way to turn the battleship around is to let go of the selfishness and arrogance that says, “It’s my way or the highway.”

    Unless the President finds his antidote, ongoing deepening hatred makes it impossible to save America from division he himself commands.

    We haven’t seen this depth of hatred since Richard Nixon had to resign, in what Gerald Ford defined as, “America’s long national nightmare.”

    Polling suggest that few people changed their view about one speech, despite softer words to talk of a “major action.”

    So if we are again experiencing “America’s long national nightmare,” what are our nation’s leaders doing?

    The President swirls like a hurricane, unpredictable in what he will say or means.

    The Congress is ruled by one party, unable to fund government or negotiate domestic issues.

    No side prevails when they lack the kindness to shake hands and search for common ground.
  • Do “Dreamers” simply now have nightmares? The President is all over the map on whether to tweak of DACA, or simply kill it.

  • Like all major legislation, the last president’s recent health care rose like a monster. Every major law always has a huge flaw in the legislation, and only when both sides work together is an act followed by “fix-it” legislation. The ACA -- like Fankenstein’s beast -- had a bolt on its head, but no one could unite the Congress. Half wanted the beast to live. The others held torches and pitchforks to kill the monster.

  • Farmers are apparently told lies about their own economic future, and veterans hear the President brag about calling surviving family members, even though their phones never rang.
The honest man who saved our imperfect Union and was himself shot dead by hatred told us that, “A house divided cannot stand.” But as hatred poisons the heart, it is not simply a debate about North vs. South, or Left vs. Right. It is not a house at all.

    We must gather together to save the Body of America.

    This is the risk our nation faces: Life itself as a gathered people.
  • It is our steady mind that offer lasting greatness, for ordinary American come up with big ideas to create things and solve problems and know when to change one’s views.

  • Yes, there is a left hand and a right one, lifted by muscular arms and clutching powerful tools. When ordered to work together, these hands make things possible.

  • The human heart determines when the clock of life stops. Time is inexorable, but pounding fury and inconsistent words from a “stable genius” cannot protect the heart from cardiac arrest.

  • When we worked together, our straight spine sustained greatness for two centuries, shaping rivers, flowing water, laying track, sailing ships, moving wood, building roads, trucking goods, feeding the world, waging global wars, and even landed human on the moon.

  • Because the way to one’s heart is through hungry stomach, only working to raise a barn together lets us sit with neighbors to share bread.

  • Previous “major action” united this imperfect Union, because strong legs marched together. In World War Two, ten percent of America bore the uniform. At home, women worked in factories and farmers fed the troops. In what was called simply “The Great War,” it was the United States Expeditionary Force that turned the tide of World War One.
If the Body of America is suffering a hammer and knife to the chest, the body shall fall, and the Flag carried in those strong arms shall strike the ground.

    So what can the President do to unite the American people?

    Unless there is a radical change in how this President operates, Americans -- including his own party -- are ordered to endure his self-inflicted poison of hatred.

    It is not one speech and chat to the press that allows a Commander-in-Chief to turn around a battleship.

    If hatred continues, then President shows an arrogance that suggests he will tighten his grip. But even a “stable genius” can think wrongly, when chaos rises.

    If the “stable genius” cannot change his tone or find a miraculous issue that everyone agrees on, his “major action” would likely involve foreign affairs. (He knows that oceans are big, because Puerto Rico is one an ocean and far away, but only the haters liked taking on our own territory.)

    Perhaps the Body of America will be put into boots and the uniform.

    Since a “major action” requires major players, who would work with our president?
  • Do we turn to the United Nations, which is getting far less US-funding while the Jerusalem vote was a “my way or the high way” posture?

  • Is it the NATO Alliance, where most members openly question the President’s words and deeds?

  • Do any G-7 nation pay for “major action,” when the only likely gain is for a “stable genius” to get re-elected?

  • Will India might do more than cuddle with his real estate business?

  • The entire Pacific Rim and all of South America must wonder if the target for a “major action.”
It is only Russia that this President can turn to, and it must be so large that it doesn’t get stopped by single nations that don’t like Washington.

    Russia has not been an ally. They hold nuclear bombs that can rain upon us from plains, missiles, and warships. For most of the past century, they’ve been our strategic enemy.

    Perhaps only the personal friendship of our president with Vladimir Putin is strong enough to buy a quick ally for a “major action” that a “stable genius” needs to hold power.

    If our president believes that hatred is too challenging in his own nation, and turns to our strongest foe, it is betting all of America in an unstable gamble, simply so he can stay rich by holding power.

    Up until now, awful as it is, his politics has been a game, of “Divide and Conquer.” He is not the first Fat Cat to play it. But the only high-price bet that sold America short just to stay rich was two hundred years ago, when the King of England wanted his colonies back.

    If indeed Vladimir Putin is more important than our nation’s security, all of us -- including the Republican party -- must ask whether our leader should sell us short so he can stay rich.

    Hatred clogs the mind and poisons the heart, so to save America, this President must stop the pummeling of a hammer and slicing of a knife by the left and right hand. If we do not work together to raise a barn on our own soil, then the terror we shall see a horrible storm threatening an unprotected nation.

    That is where a rich man can look at the Russian leader, and wonder whether the shake hands with Devil. For decades, Vladimir Putin has used different titles to hold absolute power over a nation that spans 11 time zones. They had thousands of nuclear bombs. Their military is world-caliber.

    Sitting close to Russia is North Korea, a one-party state run by an insane grandson of the founding Great Leader, and who has held nuclear weapons for at least 15 years. If our president believes it is useful for someone else to help him out, what “major action” would it be? Why not ask Russia to take out a nuclear threat, with a pledge that the United States will stand behind our former foe, and veto any action by the United Nations if Mr. Putin hurls bombs upon Pyongyang?

    If the President is addressing the American people in a moment of absolute terror, not matter how tightly his agreement with Mr. Putin might be, who could possibly bank on the unification of our nation behind so arrogant an action?

    Short of war, is anything large enough to allow this president to spin around a battleship? If the “stable genius” believes that it must be way, who else would side with us? And if bombs have fallen on Pyongyang, they cannot stop until that nation’s nuclear threat is crushed, or else 37,000 American troops in the peninsula, and countless more in range of North Korean missiles risk the lives.

    Two centuries ago, when the super rich openly sided with the King of England, the political party that had been duped to carry their water -- the Federalist party, begun by George Washington -- evaporated. There was no Federalist running for president in 1820. The super-rich were mad, but conservative politicians simply exited the act treason used to destroy their party. To give that election a warm-and-fuzzy phrase, the 1820 race was an “Era of Good Feelings.”

    If God is to Bless America, then could He look upon a nation where the Flag is flown by a soul so rich that money and power are worth more then the Body of America? If this land that we love is less important to a rich man then buying an ally who long was our foe, just because he hates, then can He stand beside us? If hatred poisons our heart and blinds us from the decency of reach out our hands to lift ourselves, how could blindness allow our own eyes to see, than indeed He guides us.

    Unlike the gathering of politicians on the steps of the United States Congress on September 11th, 2001, the falling of brimstone shall unlikely unite us, and save the Body of America. Let us instead find an Era of Good Feelings, if only to wish 46 good luck, as the keys to our most beautiful house is handed to a different tenant.

-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.