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The Universal Truth of Time

    Thursday, March 1, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Politics -- like life itself -- relies upon factors that one can barely control.

    Money. Name identify. Public opinion. Any candidate who works hard can gain advantage on those flexible factors.

    But there is one universal truth in life, which is that, “Time is inexorable.” If you don’t use it, you lose it.

    Said John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in 1957, seeking his reelection as the junior Senator of Massachusetts, “One day in 1957 is worth two days in 1958.”

    No one can buy more time, but if one uses it well, then it simulates a sports arena, when the best tool for victory can be to simply run down the clock.

    In 2015, Republican candidate with long resumes only had so much time to hack-and-slash their way to a nomination against a famous rich man. As the clock ran out, each fell.

    In 2016, the most hatefully-defined general election in the nation’s history, the victor earned office not by clear vision or political credentials, but by running down the clock of a babbling opponent. Hatred was a rifle shot to fellow haters, who turned up to vote. Meanwhile, the babbling opponent did not go face-to-face with hatred. She could have slapped the rich man, and smiled about her own credentials, but she quivered.

    Since the clock ticks, elections happen in real time, and then they’re done. A single basket is still a victory, when the game’s score is 2-to-0. Since hatred and fear drove the rich man’s voters to the polls, and the opponent’s potential supporters just stayed on the couch, the victory was won with tiny numbers.

    Since taking office, the President has spewed open hatred, talking about football players or tornadoes or guns. The “other side” has been so consumed by hatred and fury, that every tweet pulls their eyes away from details of legislation and budgeting.

    No matter whether the rich should get richer or military service personnel should march for a great parade, there is exactly one thing that everyone would agree on.

    The President is ticking down the clock.

    In November 2018, voters will cash decisions of who should represent them in the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, as Governor, and in legislative and local races everywhere.

    More than a year is gone. In nine months, the “Off Year” election is over.

    Who is using time? The President.

    Who is losing time? Everyone else.

    What could happen? Either side could shock the nation by victory. Just like baseball, any team can win on any day.

    What is likely to happen? The 2018 Off-Year election will burn like a wildfire.

    No matter how much water is sprayed -- in campaign ads and mail and tweets -- the hatred that is ripping this nation apart will scorch all souls.

  • The Democratic party has wasted a year by not finding a common ground on how to battle the President. Leadership held cards close to the chest. Rank-and-file went silent. And the gaffes and tweets of the President effectively distracted all eyes from unity or alternatives.

  • The Republican leadership kow towed, and now is beholden to the President. The biggest tax cut in a century allows the rich to eat at the trough. But otherwise, leadership could not even fund the government, despite owning absolute power.

  • Senior members of the Republican party either have announced their retirement, or have had to silently allow hatred to burn like a fire across the nation.

    Democratic wasted time, and Republicans did nothing but bow to the President.

    So the factor that will determine the 2018 Off-Year election is raw fury.

    The 2016 election was determined by pushing down the vote, so that the hatred and fear campaign of a rich man would not be swamped by high-turnout.

    Now, the absolute outrage felt by voters is so massive that it will dwarf the creation of the TEA Party or even the 1974 disintegration of the GOP, after the resignation and pardon of Richard Nixon.

    What likely will happen is that a tidal wave will swamp the Republican party.

    A smashing defeat of the Republican party can so deeply destroy the Grand Old Party that it is reduced to nothing. It would not control either chamber of Congress. Republican Governors and other candidates would get booted out. And unlike the Nixon 1974 collapse, the hated face that destroyed the GOP would still be smiling at the White House.

    Who can tell whether a wild fire will burn all souls, but in nine months, the Republican elected officials who survive the worst campaign in decades will be furious at the man who owns the clock.

    Therefore, the real question of politics is not the 2018’s election results, but what happens right after.

    Because time is inexorable, even the President must be ready to either use time, or lose time. If the Mr. Lincoln’s “Grand Old Party” is smashed, he either uses time to rebuild a party, or he turns his back so as to only care about himself.


  • In November 2018, surviving Republicans are absolutely furious and pound on the White House doors to yell at the President change. Like a bully, he will laugh at the surviving allies, and declare that, “It’s my way of the highway.”


  • Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2018, the President will ditch the “Grand Old Party.” Before committing himself to a “great new party,” his tweets and talk-radio calls will test the waters of whether people who love him are willing to also ditch the Republican.


  • By Christmas 2018, the President will decide whether he has enough support from his own narrow base of devoted supports that he could win, even if he abandons political history as we know it.

  • By January 20th 2019, the President will announce that he is forming a “great new party,” and the new machine will belong completely to himself.
        It seems utterly impossible that any president would leave the party that made their power possible, to become the only leader for a party that technically does not exist. But that is how history is made. And the current president is so utterly arrogant that we would believe that enough of his own supporters would turn out that the two major parties would again waste time, and his narrow numbers -- like Mr. Lincoln’s 40% -- will hand him a victory.

        If the President creates a new party, it has to have a name.

        HATRED DOESN’T WIN ALONE... but you can’t get elected as the Hate Party, and there already is a Ku Klux Klan and someone else already led the Nazi Party.

        GREED VOTERS ARE TOO FEW... The rich will absolutely show up and spend lots on political slaves. But since 1% is a smaller number than 99%, the President cannot win by leading of the Fat Cat Party.

        'THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR'... But fear itself can be used to scare voters so they stay on the couch, and drive does turnout. That is a tool, not a party.

        PEOPLE LAUGH AT CLOWNS... When a “stable genius” creates a Great Party, undecided voters will laugh, and vote for anyone else.

        What is left?


        Since time is inexorable, and the 2018 election leaves only a short window before the next presidential election, a new party must immediately be announced, so that volunteers and paid lackies can go to work to put the President on the 2020 ballot.

        The easiest path is to steal people of deep faith. They are not evil souls. They do not love hatred. But when the Hater-in-Chief plays with their hearts, he can steal their precious souls.

        A push to win high voter turnout of voters of deep faith is not be based on his own status as a saint or pope. Clearly, the President is a broken soul. Every soul is imperfect. His own soul is tainted by gluttony, lies and arrogance.

        Still, as time ticks for him, so too it ticks for everyone. If he uses time to create a new party, then the opposition will lose time by figuring out how to defeat the new party’s leader.

        In order for a new party to win absolute support of voters of deep faith, their must be a symbolic promise.

        The President will create a PARTY OF GRACE and call it his own.

        “Grace” is a universally-recognized world, like “love” and “belief” and “faith.” Even a stable genius could see that it is a warm-and-fuzzy word, but unlike the others, “Grace” can also appeal to other voters. It can instantly be handed out on a hat or tee-shirt for devout supporters. It forces debate not over politics, but words.

        This is JUST a prediction. Indeed, it could easily be wrong. The President may simply cuddle surviving Republicans, to hand them cake and eat it too. But this writer is of a deep belief that the President is so selfish and arrogant that he would ditch Mr. Lincoln’s “Grand Old Party,” so that he can create a “Great New Party.”

        So around Christmas, when voters of deep faith mark holidays that embrace all souls, remember that some prediction said that the President’s cozy question to voters, “Who wants some grand old party when you can join a great new one?”


    LYRICS... “There is No Time” (1990)
    Lou Reed, “New York” album
    © Sony ATV Music Pub LLC

    This is no time for Celebration
    this is no time for Shaking Heads
    This is no time for Backslapping
    this is no time for Marching Bands
    This is no time for Optimism
    this is no time for Endless Thought
    This is no time for my country Right or Wrong
    remember what that brought

    There is no time
    there is no time
    There is no time
    there is no time

    This is no time for Congratulations
    this is no time to Turn Your Back
    This is no time for Circumlocution
    this is no time for Learned Speech
    This is no time to Count Your Blessings
    this is no time for Private Gain
    This is time to Put Up or Shut Up
    it won't back this way again

    There is no time
    there is no time
    There is no time
    there is no time

    This is no time to Swallow Anger
    this is no time to Ignore Hate
    This is no time to be Acting Frivolous
    because the time is getting late
    This is no time for Private Vendettas
    this is no time to not know who you are
    Self knowledge is a dangerous thing
    the freedom of who you are
    This is no time to Ignore Warnings
    this is no time to Clear the Plate
    Let's not be sorry after the fact
    and let the past become out fate

    There is no time
    there is no time
    There is no time
    there is no time

    This is no time to turn away and drink
    or smoke some vials of crack
    This is a time to gather force
    and take dead aim and Attack
    This is no time for Celebration
    this is no time for Saluting Flags
    This is no time for Inner Searchings
    the future is at head
    This is no time for Phony Rhetoric
    this is no time for Political Speech
    This is a time for Action
    because The Future's Within Reach

    This is the time
    this is the time
    This is the time
    because there is no time
    There is no time
    there is no time
    There is no time
    there is no time

    -- Billy Orton

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