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How can Americans dance together again?

    Thursday, May 17, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Politics are best when measured by good ideas and tone. No one owns a good idea. And working together sometimes means holding your nose so that everyone can find common ground.

    The Party of Grace technically does not exist, but offers these ideas, if only to pull fellow Americans away from the raw hatred now ripping our nation apart.

    Whether small or large, any idea that requires working together in Congress seems impossible. The Majority party is owned by one rich man who sews the seeds of hatred. The Minority party is broken, with leaders out of touch ordinary Americans. One both sides, the “rank-and-file” quivers in silence.

    The Party of Grace began as a political protest, but we need a positive agenda so that the next elections are not guided simply by hatred.

    A humble bipartisan legislative agenda could perhaps include....
  1. Change the Faces Act.... Perhaps the smallest action government can do is to change the faces on our paper money. It takes an act of Congress. Almost no one sees currency above the $100 bill. Keep George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but let Congress show that SOMETHING can be done with bipartisan action, by changing faces on the $2, the $10, the $20, the $50 and the $100. Replace Thomas Jefferson with Elvis Presley, which would make the $2 wildly popular. On the $10 is Alexander Hamilton, who wanted George Washington to be King. Replace the Kingmaker with Harriet Tubman, who is the face of liberty and justice. On the $20 is Andrew Jackson, whose military service finished with the job of killing Indians. Replace the founder of the Democratic party with Franklin Delano Roosevelt. On the $50 is U.S. Grant, whose ordered thousands to certain death and led an army that burned down the earth. Replace the Republican known as “The Butcher” with Ronald Reagan, a fellow Republican who massive numbers of Americans love. And while Benjamin Franklin is a gem of American thought, replace him on the $100 with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Lawmakers on both sides would have to hold their nose, as such a sweeping change would require cooperation. Let the Congress ask the President to hold his nose, so that ordinary Americans can smile over the money in their wallet.

  2. Columbus/Christ/Roosevelt Tree Act.... Protect ancient trees and plant new ones. Without proselytizing, the historical arrival of The Christ is etched by a Roman census. Use that calendar mark to define an “ancient” tree. Anywhere in the nation, any tree alive when Christ was born should be protested from being cut down. On government land, protect trees alive when Columbus reached the Americas. And Franklin Roosevelt understood that trees are essential, as when government saved ordinary Americans from the Dust Bowl. Save the old one. Plant new ones.

  3. Veterans Dog & Gym Act.... Greatness is not given. It is earned. Small symbolic acts can allow government to honor our bravest souls. Give a dog and a gym card to anyone honorably discharged. There’s no way to feel more like a hero than to get home to your dog. We asked military service personnel to stay fit. Help them do so forever.

  4. Rising Waters Study.... God’s greatest gift is water, and though we can disagree over faith, Noah showed that humanity falls when His waters rise. Ice is melting. The ocean is rising. Fish are swimming further. It cannot be a debate. To see Noah’s Great Rainbow, we must know when to build an arc.

  5. The Bee Act.... It water is God’s greatest gift, we could sit all night to debate what is His second. Perhaps trees? Perhaps food? Or, perhaps, bees. They are perishing and if they disappear, human life will deeply suffer. The Agriculture and Interior departments should work with the Environmental Protection Agency to protect bees.

  6. The Cluck-Oink-Moo Act.... Treat animals, consumers, and farmers better. A farm label making food more profitable that guarantees organic, free-range lives and many consumers will pay more.

  7. Repeal the XXIInd Amendment.... Apparently, the President wants to change the rules on how long he can serve. In 1946, Republicans who had just taken over Congress pushed through a Two-Term-Limit amendment, so that no future president could be like Franklin Roosevelt, who won four presidential elections. Who would the real winner be if 42 and 44 face progressives for the Democratic nomination, and 45 faces perhaps 43 in the Republican ballot? The winner would be the American people.

  8. Flag-and-Pledge Amendment.... Let Congress send to the States an Amendment that allows federal laws to protect the Flag and Pledge.

  9. Signature Theft Bad Apple Act.... Frequently customers pay by signing their name onto a computer screen. Require corporations to aggressively manage their own branches, so as to protect consumer signatures from their own bad apples that capture signatures for criminal misuse.

  10. Treat It Like Alcohol Act.... Franklin Roosevelt pushed through legislation to end the prohibition of alcohol. During all of Mr. Roosevelt’s first term, the leading competitor to alcohol was marijuana. The liquor industry painted marijuana as evil, and successful jammed through federal law to restrict use of their competitor. Clearly, things are changing, but their remains a legal battle over federal prohibition and states that allow medical or recreational reefer. So long as the battle continued, there shall be a “Wild West” within the reefer sector. Pass legislation that views marijuana just like alcohol. States could then require no open container, no sale to or use by minors, no DUIs, and strict enforcement of taxes and regulations.
-- Billy Orton

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.