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The most absurd political prediction you’ll ever read

    Wednesday, August 22, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Since Groucho Marx and John Lennon are featured on postage stamps in Russia, perhaps it is appropriate to quote the comedian, who said he would never join a club that would have him as a member.

    What could be more absurd?

    The prediction by Party of Grace that the President of the United States will crush his own party so completely in the November election that the survivors of the GOP show up with fury to confront the results.

    How would the President respond to the Republican survivors? By laughing, and exiting the party that will suffer the biggest defeat since the 1974 collapse following Richard Nixon’s resignation and pardon.

    The President will leave the political party that pays his salary?

    Yes. He will reject the survivors, and declare his own political party.

    Obviously, such a prediction is utterly absurd. But can American politics be considered as sane?

    One rich man who uses hatred and division as his tools is publicly stating the enemies list that even Richard Nixon hid in the shadows.

    What happens if the Republican party loses absolute control of both chambers of the Congress?

    Certainly, the Democratic party is the ultimate beneficiary of the collapse of the Republican party in the November election, but that party is a broken machine. Democratic leaders are deaf to ordinary Americans, and blind in pushing down their own progressive rank-and-file.

    The rise of Democrats into control of Congress will be sliced and diced by everyone. If the current leaders take power, their rank-and-file will battle vigorously to topple the Speaker and Majority Leader. If Democrats can agree on nothing except that everyone hates the President, what could they possibly push through?

    As difficult as it might be to be a Democratic lawmaker, the real price of the November 2018 collapse will be the Republican party itself.

    The current president has no lifetime connection to any party. His agenda is raw power. His tools are to split the nation apart. His only goal is to become even more rich.

    So if the surviving Republicans march to the White House and demand to see the President, he is even more arrogant than Richard Nixon.

    In early August 1974, as the House of Representatives prepared for a floor vote of the impeachment legislation that had passed in the House Judiciary Committee, Senator Barry Goldwater and a group of other senior Republicans demanded to see the President. Nixon sat in the Oval Office, and Goldwater told the President that the House would pass impeachment, and when it arrived in the Senate, he would be the one who made the motion to convict. Days later, Richard Nixon told the American people that he would resign the presidency, “effective noon tomorrow.”

    Here, now, is the absurd prediction.

    The President will be confronted by surviving Republicans, and he will not whimper and cry. Instead, like a bully, he will slap his own party leaders, and declare his own intention to abandon the Republican party, and to create his own movement.

    It is absurd, and seemingly impossible, but in history, earth-shaking changes sometimes happen with no expectation. In the days after the November 2018 election, the President will face the First Law of Politics, which is that time is inexorable. You either use time, or you lose it.

    If, indeed, the President ditches the Republican party, they will be just as broken as the Democrats. Neither side could pass anything, except to shove through a shared effort to oust the President. If ouster is all that Congress can do, what is the result?

    Democrats cannot push through any agenda. Republicans are shattered. The President slaps and tweets to stiffen his hard-core support. Money is poured into the creation of a new party. And only time will show what history produces.

    Hatred is ripping this nation apart, and the President stands on political quicksand. All others will sink in the quicksand as the squirm to fight the President. Meanwhile, the leader of a Great New Party can cuddle his supporters, and say, “Why take some grand old party when you can a great new one?”

    Once again, utterly absurd, and it is offered here as a prediction simply because this author feels compelled within to present this concept through social media. It would be nearly insane to declare as the author that this WILL happen. Indeed, having spent 25 years working as a press secretary for five Democratic lawmakers and a PR hack for organized labor, it is stunning for someone to exit their own party that has paid their salary for decades to join a club that technically does not exist.

    Who would the President’s new party serve? What would the name of the party be? Where would the money and effort come from? None of that matters, because the path of raw power is like shaking hands with the Devil. If one wishes absolute control, one does whatever the Devil says must be done.

    Once again, utterly absurd, but since Marx and Lennon are now merely smiling faces on Russian stamps, the concept of America’s president abandoning everyone simply to stay rich is perhaps not as absurd as it may appear.


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WHO RUNS PARTY OF GRACE.... The typesetter and writer of the literature spent 25 years working as a paid hack for the Democratic party and organized labor, and exited the major party in January 2017, to join a club that did not exist. The political protest now is his pitch to draw debate about hatred destroying the nation.

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.