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Oust the President and save America

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- As the body of Senator John McCain lay in the Capitol and courts in Washington and New York each take up work on whether the President broke federal law to silence a stripper and buy an election, the truth is obvious -- it is time to oust President Donald J. Trump.

    The death of John McCain is a defining moment of whether the current President -- who refuses to lower the Flag over the White House or say a single kind word about a military hero -- possesses even a fraction of honor shown by a crook forced to resign, for even Richard Nixon had a soul to shake hands with the Navy pilot returning as a prisoner-of-war.

    If the President gets ousted, someone gets the keys to the Oval Office. Under our Constitution, it would be the Vice President.

    Democrats have little reason to like Mike Pence, whose politics are as far to the right as the current President, and whose tone is frequently sour. And Republicans -- facing the worst election collapse since Richard Nixon resigned and got pardoned in 1974 -- bristle at the idea that another resignation and pardon will poison their hope to hold the Congress.

    But unless the President is ousted, no one will again hear that, “America’s long national nightmare is over.”

    Instead, the pending collapse of the Republican party in Congress will make the President’s blood boil to a volcanic eruption, as he stands ready to fire the Attorney General. Since the AG refuses to bend on firing the investigator hounding the President, it matters more to the man in the Oval Office that his own power is retained than caring who survives November’s election.

    The President is in his second year of political employment and holds no record of attachment to anyone. Half the Cabinet is gone. The Speaker, committee chairs and senior rank-and-file are retiring. If any apprentices buckle on following his orders, the President fires them without hesitation.

    Everyone is being dragged beyond politics as we’ve known in for 150 years. Poison is dripping deeply into the well. Both major parties could fracture and dissolve, as leaders on both sides are ousted and the whip is cracked harder by the executive branch of government. Even Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party could be abandoned by a President who would care so much about his own personal needs that he could form a new party and run against two broken machines.

    The obvious truth is that if Donald Trump stays in office, the 2020 election is reduced to an absolute war of hatred, and every ordinary American shall lose.

  • THE ACT TO IMPEACH.... Someone must carry a legislative bill that cites specific rationale of why the President should be removed. That bill would go in front of the House Judiciary Committee, as it did in 1974 and 1998. If rank-and-file of the two parties join together to save America, passage of the legislation in bipartisan fashion would send the legislation to the House Floor, for an up-or-down vote, as it did when Richard Nixon held office. If the votes are narrow, passage of an act to impeach would still hobble out of Judiciary, as when Republicans used their own numbers to jam through impeachment of Bill Clinton, which passed the House Floor. If passed on the House Floor, the Act would go to the U.S. Senate, for a trial of whether to convict the President, and, thus, remove him from office. While impeachment did pass in the House, the trial of Bill Clinton did not convict him, and he retained the presidency.

  • INVOKING THE XXVth AMENDMENT.... When John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, Lyndon Baines Johnson took office, as many previous Vice Presidents had done when other presidents had died or been killed. The Constitution got tweaked for a smoother transition into the Oval Office, and the XXVth Amendment included language -- under Section Four -- in which the Vice President and a handful of other leaders could take away the keys of the Oval Office from a living president. The man who held office just before Mr. Kennedy -- Dwight Eisenhower -- got knocked down by health and went home to Kansas to recover. Vice President Richard Nixon acted on day-to-day operation of the government, but there was unclear rules about how much he could do. Thus, Section Four of the XXVth gives greater clarity of status over how to take up the work of a president deemed incapable of retaining control of the government.

  • CONVICTION IN FEDERAL COURT.... Courts in New York and Washington now are handling work of whether the candidate-turned-President paid a six-figure sum as a bribe to silence a stripper and thus influence a national election. Under the Constitution, a “high crime or misdemeanor” can result in booting out a federal official. When Vice President Spiro Agnew -- elected twice as Mr. Nixon’s partner in the White House -- was himself put in front of a judge over a crime, the Vice President plead no contest, and resigned. Under the newly-ratified XXVth Amendment, President Nixon put forward a selection of House Minority Leader Gerald Ford to become the next Vice President, and that nomination was confirmed by the U.S. Senate. In high irony, Gerald Ford rose to the Oval Office, when Mr. Nixon became the first (and so far only) President to resign. Mr. Ford himself then nominated Nelson Rockafeller, of New York, to take over the vacant seat of Vice President.

  • RESIGNATION OF THE PRESIDENT.... In late July 1974, the House Judiciary Committee acted in bipartisan unity to pass an act of impeachment of President Richard Nixon, and the bill was sent in unanimous vote to the Speaker and the Rules Committee, so it could be added as an agenda item for action by the House Floor. President Nixon, who spent spent decades as a national political leader, fought for two years against opponents, courts, and the press. Somehow, Mr. Nixon keep most Republicans silent on the Watergate scandal. But when a “smoking gun” and the tainted actions of a corrupt leader became clear, the impeachment bill passed committee with bipartisan support, and it became clear that the first domino had fallen. In the White House, Richard Nixon eroded personally, and drank hard, while staff struggled to keep government functioning. As a drunken president slurred words and moaned of his suffering, the Secretary of State had to take the phone call that the Soviet Union had escalated their global military posture, to possibly take advantage of a vacuum. What began as a witch hunt by the press and opposition became a deep concern by all officials that a government collapse could put the nation at risk. And so in early August, another Republican who had run ten years earlier for president -- Senator Barry Goldwater, of Arizona -- marched from the Capitol Building, to the White House, with fellow GOP senior leaders with him, and demanded to see the President. Inside the Oval Office, Barry Goldwater told the President that the House Floor would pass the impeachment bill, and when it came to the Senate, he would be the one who made the motion to convict. Days later, the President of the United States told the American people, “I resign the presidency, effective noon tomorrow.” At 11 am the next day, his entire staff sat in the East Room of the White House, where Nixon said goodbye to his weeping staff, including Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who wiped his eyes. By stepping down, waving a last V-sign at the helicopter, and taking a last ride on Air Force One, the resignation allowed Mr. Nixon to retain the sliver of dignity, and to continue receiving a pension, protection by Secret Service, and to hold a status that one who heads to prison does not enjoy.
    No matter the method finally ousts the President of the United States, the man who gets booted out is hurting his party, hurting the federal government, and dividing the American people with such a poison of hatred that all are suffering.

    The man with less than two years of political experience is not anywhere close to Mr. Nixon, who entered Congress in 1946, won the Senate in 1950, spent eight years as Vice President, before winning two terms as President. Mr. Trump’s only record is making money and spinning hatred. He doesn’t talk about tax law but instead why football players should be hated. He orders his lawyer to bribe a Playboy Playmate, and uses distraction and lies to mask the silencing of a Playmate who could cost him victory. Now, a federal court is considering whether the federal law to steal an election may turn the President into a convict.

    Think what one will about Vice President Mike Pence, but the Governor of Indiana who no one expected to take the office knows what government leaders do to get things done. He may hold harsh positions, and shows sourness, but his is a decent soul, and he is not viewed with the same disgust as the current leader now facing potential prosecution under federal crimes. Even Richard Nixon was, at most, called only an “un-indicteded co-sonspirator.”

    It is time for rank-and-file Republican to reach across the aisle, to bring the Minority party into common action, and to oust President Donald J. Trump.

    When Vice President Gerald Ford took the Oval Office after Nixon’s resignation, debate in the country remained locked over hatred of the resigned crook. No doubt a resigned rich man who could face massive costs to fight for his wealth and family to not suffer would beg the 46th president for a pardon. Yet, even Mr. Ford nearly won reelection in 1976, and many speculate that if he had one more week to campaign, Jimmy Carter might not have won.

    No matter how much Donald Trump clutches power, and how unwilling the GOP is to impeach, or force resignation with risk of a pardon, there is no better chance for the Republican party’s survival than to oust the President.

    The cost of continued inaction gives the President a vacuum to fire his lawyers, as Nixon did when no one would protect him in court. When another “Saturday night massacre” leads to the firing of the Attorney General, any nomination will drag, as an Acting-AG blindly obeys the President in shutting down investigations. There is only one winner... the rich man who sues, fires, and slurs anyone he doesn’t like.

    The President who refused to drop the Flag to half-staff to honor a man who fought in Vietnam -- while he himself ditched the draft -- now must face the cost of his own crimes. As John McCain understood, “Greatness is not given. It is earned.”

    Whether it is the invocation of the XXVth Amendment, or conviction of federal crime in courts, or by an impeachment that relies simply on securing the votes needed to pass an Act, now is the time to oust the President, and hand the Oval Office to the gentleman of Indiana. If we act to oust Donald Trump, we can save America, and may together pray for a rescue of this nation, by simply wishing President Mike Pence good luck.


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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.