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Let “post gender” fiction take the prize

    Wednesday, September 26, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- While Dick Bomber ain't just fiction, the obscure novelist who wrote “Angel Baby” and three other “post gender” books is not alone.

    Other writers who also are obscure agree that love and courage outrank hate and gender domination.

    Perhaps the Swedish Academy that determines who to award with the Nobel literature prize -- and has delayed the 2018 selection until next year -- could select a group of writers, to coin the phrase, "post gender" fiction.

    Since the Nobel is given due to funds come through the donation from a man who created the biggest explosives, it is fitting that “post gender” could be coined by the Swedes.

    A century ago, another obscure novelist -- a Russian, who authored, “We” -- said that, “Words are more powerful than dynamite, for dynamite explodes only once, but words explode a thousand times.”

    “Angel Baby” is not the only book to carry the undefined genre, but as the new Hater-in-Chief gives meaning to utter sexual domination, it is fitting that the character of Dick Bomber becomes the words etched into his memory.

    Like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, the character of Dick Bomber masks his ill deeds, using raw power to spew hatred as his tool for division.

    The opening chapter of “Angel Baby” is a U.S. Senate confirmation hearing, in which Dick Bomber hurls hatred against the meek, as a charade to push his own intent to run for president.

    Since all of the scenes in which the character appears were originally written in 2014, it is a stunning reminder that the current president is himself not alone, in the rank of Hater-in-Chief.

    While the characters of three Jewish Angels -- Groucho, Harpo, and Chico -- become the additions to the novel, to weave three stories together, every other scene and most of the quotes of the Dick Bomber character are exactly as were written four years ago.

    Even Nixon’s Ghost offers a great alternative, or “near-great” anyway, to the Hater-in-Chief. The ghost is locked in eternal chains of the realm of Limbo, which now technically does not exist, as the previous Pope signed a paper to end the existence of Limbo. But not unless Nixon’s Ghost can rise from his own ill deeds, is he allowed to beg for the chance to again resign, this time as the last soul trapped in Limbo.

    Any book buries huge questions in single lines, for the secret sustained bombing of a neutral nation is far more than a symbol. But Nixon’s Ghost -- in his role as emcee of the absurd “White House Lamb Duck Masquerade Ball” -- finally can grow, like Ethos, when he admits that, “Maybe the Cambodians deserved a little better.”

    As poisoned as the dead crook is truthfully presented to be, his soiled name is nothing as deeply latched to the chains of hatred as is Dick Bomber, who repeatedly attempted to rape a female soldier, and hurls hatred in all directions as his game. Thus while Nixon’s Ghost appears complex in his own suffering, the sexual domination of the main negative character gives meaning to “post gender” fiction.

    Just as the successful medical professional, Dr. Jeckle, showed when alcohol sent him into the grip of Mr. Hyde, it is the troubled soul itself that poisons Dick Bomber.

    In America’s greatest sorrow, for the first time, the nation is led by hatred, division, and absolute domination. Even Richard Nixon -- who founded the Environmental Protection Agency, pushed the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, secured detaunte with the Soviet Union, and toured China to ease global tension -- holds higher ground than the current occupant of the most important building in the world.

    But it is sexual domination as wielded by Dick Bomber that gives the current president a name that shall last as long as Jeckel and Hyde.

    This obscure novelist may indeed never be known, and few will read his books, but if the Swedish Academy views “post gender” as a phrase worth coining, then the true value of a writer’s career is fulfilled, no matter who gets the prize.


S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.