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Convict the President in the Court of Public Opinion: Throw out the bums

    Saturday, October 6, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- My novels ask, “What happens if hatred wins the White House?” Few will read them, and no one will remember my name, but the appearance of President Dick Bomber will etch his horror, like Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde.

    Dick Bomber ain’t just fiction, but America’s voters have one month to defeat hatred, by serving as the “Jury of Justice” that convicts America’s president in the “Court of Public Opinion” by "throwing out the bums."

    Since the Hater-in-Chief enslaved Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party, the only way to end America’s second civil war is a sweeping defeat of the party that holds absolute power of all three branches of government.

    One month from today, voters will elect every Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and one-third of the membership of the U.S. Senate. The only name that shall not appear on the ballot is the man who spews hatred and divide the nation.

    Another crook who feared conviction -- Richard M. Nixon -- brushed aside possible loss in his 1972 presidential reelection campaign, saying that “the Silent Majority” would pull closed the curtain at the polling booth, and give him victory. He was correct. Two years later, after “America’s long national nightmare,” the crook resigned, and a month later got pardoned.

    If “the Silent Majority” closes the curtain in a month with the same spirit as 1974, the Republican party is about to experience its worst election since the resignation and pardon of Mr. Nixon. The difference is that “America’s long national nightmare” -- no matter the outcome -- will not end on Election Day.

    Instead, brutes will pound his chests, and the Divider-in-Chief shall threaten absolute war with our own people if a new party in power pulls him screaming from the Oval Office. Unlike Richard Nixon -- who finally accepted his isolation and collapse -- the current resident of the White House will not give up.

    If the Republican party is utterly crushed, and surviving lawmakers beg the President to leave, he will do exactly as they ask -- by leaving the G.O.P., itself, to force his own political party.

    Those gripped by hatred love a Hater-in-Chief. Fanatical supporters of the Hater-in-Chief are whipped by lies and roped by deception. The smirking president will leave the with his deceived supporters. He doesn’t care about the Republican party. They won’t either.

    If the President abandons history as we know it, the open violent rebellion that he warns preachers about will begin from his tweets to cast matches onto burning crosses. A lawyer who showed courage as Mayor of New York City on 9/11 now merely threatens that “people will revolt” if the president is impeached.

    Thus it is that this obscure novelist appeals to the “Court of Public Opinion,” and asks fellow members of the "Jury of Justice," that we all look closely at the details and arguments delivered these past two years. Pull tightly closed your curtain, and give deep thought as to your own view, of how this nation can indeed retain its greatness.

    The only way to BE great is to work together. The only promise the current president can deliver is that we are a deeply divided nation.

    If the enslaved Republican party holds power, the coming two years will be like Hell itself, where rage burns like fire, and violent open rebellion obeys an uncontrolled dictator, to casts newspapers onto burning piles and schoolchildren into early graves.

    Each of us sits as a "Jury of Justice" for the “Court of Public Opinion.” Each of us may cast the deciding vote in one month. No lawyer need give a closing argument. Instead, your own vote casts the final decision.

    This obscure novelist asks that you convict the Hater-in-Chief, the Sexist-Pig-in-Chief, the Divider-in-Chief, and reject the enslaved pitiful members who control Congress, by casting your vote to kick out all the bums.


S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.