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The Grand Old Party is evaporating

    Thursday, October 11, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Abraham Lincoln ran as only the second nominee of the Republican party, and his 40% plurality gave enough states that he pulled out victory in a four-person race.

    The rich glowed, as the Federalist party of George Washington, John Adams, and Alexander Hamilton gave the wealthy everything they wanted. But when bankers and insurance agents sold America short to pledge the Federalist party to the King of England’s demand to get his colonies back, politicians in Washington saw the blatant treason, and abandoned the party.

    For decades, only war heroes gave the rich victories, but the Whig party itself offered nothing to compete for ordinary Americans, and could not gain a grip on power. The Whigs became the second major party owned by the rich to evaporate.

    When Republicans won in 1860, the rich again had a moderate who could appeal to ordinary voters. But before Mr. Lincoln took power -- fully four months after the election -- America got split in two, as hatred sparked an open violent rebellion. The prior Secretary of War took on the presidency of loose confederation and America’s greatest general opted to lead the open violent rebellion. By the time Lincoln entered the White House, bombs had fallen, and hatred burned like the Fires of Hell.

    For four long years, Americans killed one another, singing their own songs and falling in massive numbers. As the second term started for the humble leader, his gathering in the East Room of the White House (shown above) was small, after an Inaugural that displayed a decency of the human soul that few mirrored. Only Mr. Lincoln sought the reunification of the imperfect Union. A month later, the fractured nation again bled, as bullets shot by an actor using a derringer ended any hope of political decency. A month after his humble gathering in the East Room, Mr. Lincoln’s body lay in public view of his ultimate sacrifice.

    With the newly-coined phrase of a “Grand Old Party,” a radical fringe seized absolute control, ending any hope that the fracture would heal. The “Radical Republicans” crushed the rebels, demanding absolute surrender to a federal government that showed no good will. Only the concession that allowed for the theft of the 1876 election did both major parties agree that “Reconstruction” would end, and racial hatred would remain as the defector enslavement of anyone who was not a white man. The party of raw racial hatred -- Andrew Jackson’s Democrats -- got driven into the ground, and the rich held power through a Grand Old Party.

    For almost half a century, the G.O.P. held a tight grip, and even Woodrow Wilson’s plurality to beat two Republicans did not end hatred as the tool to hold power for the rich. The man from New Jersey was himself a member of the Ku Klux Klan, as Tommy was a Virginian.

    Only by a New Deal from Franklin Roosevelt did the Democratic party let go of open racial domination, but even FDR kowtowed to the South. His deal with the Devil, to win votes in Congress and his reelection, allowed sweeping economic growth of the government to end a Great Depression, and later retain power to defeat a global war of brutal thugs.

    Only Harry Truman -- in his 1948 campaign and later the end of military segregation -- brought a new tone to pushing down hatred. The following Republican, and two Democrats bent the direction of history, and hatred became a question of whether it would dominate all deeds in politics. The battle carried for generations, pushed back by Nixon’s “southern strategy” and then slapped by Jimmy Carter, and given only lip service by Mr. Reagan. Even the first Bush who ran a raw hateful ad to win in 1988 showed little pure hatred when taking the Oval Office.

    The appearance of Bill Clinton gave hatred a return to fury, and the 1994 election pushed hate back to the center, and for the decades that followed, votes either were love or hate in America. The decency of souls on both sides hide behind the curtain of the voting booth, and every president either got tossed from office, or limped out with sweeping hatred.

    Thus, for nearly a century, it has been the Republican party that used hatred as the method to sway voters to give the rich what they wanted. With our imperfect Union again fractured, the mark of history will again change.

    This will sound perhaps insane, and certainly absurd, but this message is a prediction, that Mr. Lincoln’s “Grand Old Party” will be crushed so completely in a month, that it shall -- like the Federalists and the Whigs -- evaporate and rapidly be morphed into a new party.

    Hatred and division are the tools of the current President, but his words and deeds leave no room for the healing of our fractured nation. Voters who hate the President will vote in large number, and sweep away the majority now controlling both chambers of the Congress.

    Not since 1974 -- when President Richard Nixon was forced to resign, and got pardoned -- has the G.O.P. suffered an election as deep as Americans are about to witness. Indeed, the outcome caused by the President will go beyond simply a lost election. The Republican party itself will evaporate, and cease to hold any chance of regaining power.

    Thus, the prediction follows what an obvious First Law of Politics:

    “Time is inexorable.... You either use it, or lose it.”

    No one can buy more time, and thus surviving Republicans will howl to a President that he robbed them of Congress and booted governors across the nation.

    How will the President respond? By using time to etch a new name into the stones of history. The President will slap complaining Republicans, insult the Grand Old Party, and abandon it, to form his own “Great New Party.”

    Because time is inexorable, the President must act swiftly, or be doomed by the clock. Continuing to use hatred and division as his tools, the man who knows better than anyone how to control cameras and time will sell political snake oil to buy enraptured souls who themselves hold no allegiance to politics as we know it.

    Reinventing history happen at rapid speed, and without a counter force, victory is immediate. The arrogance of a man to send the nation into battle by dividing Americans to two fractured parties gives his selfishness the vacuum for a race “up the middle.” Workers on one side and people of deep faith on the other will feel the ground below their feet to shift. Victory will be won not by love or courage, but fear and chaos. Violence will sweep the nation, in a second American civil war, but this time, the open violent rebellion is led by the President himself.

    Let us hope that this prediction is simply absurd... perhaps even insane. But if the President himself swings the hammer to slam the body of America, it would be the Hater-in-Chief who can be viewed as insane.

    If indeed a selfish and arrogant man stands ready to alter history solely to feed his own greed, it is fitting and proper that leaders of both sides stand shoulder-to-shoulder, to battle the imperfect soul who throws matches upon burning crosses simply to seize absolute power. Both sides must rapidly act.

    Section Four of the XXVth Amendment of the Constitution gives the Vice President a vehicle to remove the President from the Oval Office, initially for no more than 21 days. But with a majority in both chambers, the Congress could retain the ouster of the President, and hand the keys to the new President.

    Such a prediction is utter horror, on par with the King of England torching the White House. But if the President kisses the ring of the Devil, could it be with use of Russia? The Klan? Lies and hatred for crippling division? Such a battle is equal to the Almighty and the Devil duking within America’s most important home.

    If the prediction is not wrong, it must be the devotion of both parties to act together, to oust the President, so as to save America, in immediate action, for one must use time, or lose it. The rapid deeds to make history must be an act of love and courage -- love of the nation, and courage to face the battle against selfishness and arrogance.

    Again, this is utterly absurd, and hopefully it is simply insane. But a prediction is just that, a prediction. Let us hope that it is utterly wrong.

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.