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Can Americans ever laugh again?

    Saturday, October 13, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- A nation can be great only when the people work together. For centuries, Americans put aside differences, to agree on national missions. Now, no one shakes hands.

    The leader of the nation swears an Oath, to defend the Constitution. In less than a month, the question is real, of whether indeed the President will live true to his Oath.

    The big parties are broken. One is owned by a rich man whose only big achievement is the biggest tax cut in a century and principally feeds the super-rich.

    The other side is leaderless, in a car with no engine, and wheels that don’t move any issue forward.

    The President uses hatred and division as his method to hold absolute power.

    The opposition will win massively, yet offer nothing by way of vision to replace the fury brought on by the Hater-in-Chief.

    Both parties will be fractured. Likely, the opposition will take majority in both chambers, and thus pose deep risk to whether the President indeed remains in office. Any attempt to oust the President will be a full-force battle in which the man in the Oval Office will use every tool to fight for his job.

    If neither party controls both chambers, the battle will be even deeper, for neither holds power, and each demand absolute surrender.

    If the current majority party survives, the President will wield no mercy, and the nation will plunge in the abyss of seething raw hatred that burns like the Fires of Hell.

    Thus, how can Americans ever laugh again?

    If the Republican party suffers the biggest collapse in election history, likely the President will reject them, and form his own. He will not tolerate grumbling from the ranks, since his own race has time and money and power. He need simply survive one election. If the opposition wins absolute control of Congress, but lacks the votes needed in the Senate to push through an override of vetoes, no one can do anything. Government will utterly fail. Only the President and his supporters will snicker and sneer.

    The President doesn’t care about Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party. In his visit to Ohio -- a state where soldiers wore Blue -- the President praised Robert E. Lee. Hatred now knows no lines, and division is the only path for victory under this President. If Republicans must reach across the aisle to secure action on any legislation, the President will reject any agreement. If the election results evaporate the GOP, the President owes the surviving lawmakers nothing.

    The “stable genius” is just crazy enough to believe that history belongs to him. By abandoning the Republican party, he would leave both sides fractured, which is his personal manner. If he runs his own “Great New Party,” the only candidate will be him, and anyone who becomes enslaved to his harsh manner.

    Does history change in the form of chaos and insanity?

    Americans suffered chaos for decades, when the North and South battled over slavery. Only with monumental negotiations within a vacuum did temporary bandages patch the deep wounds of hatred and division. The 1850 deal over which states are slave-vs.-free lasted less than a decade, for the pendulum swung in the 1857 Supreme Court decision over run-away slaves.

    The plurality won by Mr. Lincoln in 1860 settled nothing, and endured chaos, as open violent rebellion sparked into flame in the long four months before the election and his Inaugural.

    Time is inexorable, and no matter the desires of many for peace and tranquility, history itself becomes etched by the very few who rise like the Fires of Hell to spark chaos and violence.

    This is where America stands. A narrow sliver is ready to cast matches upon the Flag and cross, to burn away a nation and claim religious domination, through hatred and division. And the President himself is the Hater-in-Chief.

    Can Americans ever laugh again? Not under this Administration. Not under the evaporation of the Republican party. Not under the chaos of opposition that demands the purge of the President. Thus, in short, not under history as we know it.

    Revolutions do not end when they occur. Everything else does. When the power of a King is purged, all who live in the new nation are each day without a King. If the Revolution facing America is for the President to reject the Constitution he gave an Oath to defend, the Revolution would be complete, his power sweeping, and the need to pretend forever gone.

    Be ready for deep division that sparks open violent rebellion, not from powers that be, but powers that are. Be prepared for crushing blows, not from Revolution to end the King, but from the King who destroys his own peasants.

    What is the alternative?

    Work together.

    Stop yelling at each other.

    Shake hands.

    Seek common good, by pursuing decency and forgiveness.

    Without human kindness, no one shall listen, and the King will hide the truth.

    The path to saving this nation is to defeat the King, in an election to drive him from power, after his own party is itself evaporated by his utterly broken soul.

    If Americans wish to again laugh together, no longer should it be that R or D are the letters that fracture this nation, but instead H and L. Unless Americans love one another just enough to show kindness, to listen, and to seek the truth, than hatred shall prevail.

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.