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God knows who win, for, “It’s not over, Til it’s over..., Over There.”

    Saturday, October 20, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- Because He is omnipotent, God alone can count to $1.6 billion. The Almighty knows that it matters not who wins on Tuesday, but simply that souls are lucky to compete. And throwing money into a hole -- like to win the lottery -- isn’t even an election, because that won’t happen until two Tuesdays further.

    So who’s that certain somebody who’ll win the biggest lottery jackpot ever? Only God knows. And He’s just a little bit busy on more important things then who will change their name, to, “Hey I’m Somebody Rich.”

    Just like that ridiculous lottery, only final election numbers will show who has won can brag, and the only thing every politician agrees on, is that, “Only winners won.”

    Even though a certain elected official brags that His vote delivered an election victory, the truth is that millions of Americans who possibly-maybe-perhaps show up to vote in a couple of Tuesdays from now won’t even see that certain elected official’s name on the ballot. That Elected-Official-in-Chief -- who already can call himself “Hey I’m Somebody Rich” -- can already brag that lots of people love him, and he’ll even brag that others hate him.

    While God’s ballot shall remain hidden, just like all others, America’s Braggart-in-Chief can smile about one thing....

    Love and hate is how the election on Tuesday, Nov. 6th will be determined. (Unless his family happens to win the lottery, because he certainly could brag about that!)

    Unlike the election, the lottery is drawing massive numbers of Americans cross our highways and byways, seeking victory. Everyone wants to become, “Hey I’m Somebody Rich.” People dream of winning. They’re tossing a pile of money. Some even pray.

    But God is kind, for He allows begging prayers to just pass by His ears, as He’s got a lot to do, like protecting His green earth, spinning the planet around, even though poison is hurled by selfishness, and temperatures are rising due to arrogance. Do politicians brag about that? (Maybe to others named Somebody Rich, who selfishly hurl poison or arrogantly jack the heat and also throw big money for victory on Tuesday... that other Tuesday.)

    Unlike winning the lottery, elections are not dreams, because it makes most Americans sick. This election is driven by selfishness and arrogance, for a poison of hate is cast into the well. It started ugly, and got uglier. Who wants to vote? It’s not a lottery. It’s a poisoned well. Even fellow Americans who love someone, are torn because they hate someone else.

    Bragging about “division” won’t make America great again.

    Perhaps the better path for this great nation is to stop yelling at one another, to listen to what others say, and to care about the truth. And maybe a great way to find that new path is to, “Make Americans Laugh Again.”

    I am a nobody, and no one will ever remember my name. But if I become the luckiest soul in America, I will change my name -- to “Hey I’m Somebody Rich” -- and shell out lottery winnings, to ride across Americans on a horse, just to make Americans laugh again. Why? Because how else can you make people laugh unless you try? Americans always are funny, but we’ve forgotten how to laugh.

    The current President certainly makes a lot of Americans laugh. He’s got really great hair. And he’s even funny. Some just think he’s a clown, but even clowns make Americans laugh. (Although, perhaps like the President, clowns can be creepy, as well.)

    The President also makes people furious, to make the opposition spit and yell, run down the clock, and take victory in two years. He’ll brag that God, Himself, is his Voter-in-Chief.

    I will never tell you how to vote, and I certainly will not tell God how to vote. Because He is omnipotent, He already knows. And I am not some preacher. Unfortunately, since I spent decades working in politics, I’m not even a professional comedian.

    But I shall obey His will, and will keep my Ten Promises to America, for my goal is to, “Make Americans Laugh Again.”

    If I do win the lottery, I will ride a horse across America, to bring fellow Americans together, with those ten absurd pledges. (Eleven, if you count Allegiance.) And I keep my promise, including pledges to wear a funny hat, and to put Elvis Presley on the Two Dollar Bill.

    I’ll never tell you how to vote. Just vote.... For somebody.... In a couple of Tuesday, get up from your couch, and walk -- “ Over There” -- through your great neighborhood, to that great spot where fellow Americans are casting great votes. Vote for Somebody.

    And because election make people sick, perhaps in two years you will consider voting for a certain Somebody... like, “Hey I’m Somebody Rich,” who you can just just call... “Some-bo.”

    Meanwhile, in a couple Tuesdays, once you’ve cast your great vote, put the election away. Turn off that television. Turn off that smart phone. Brew some coffee and cook some food. And laugh together with other great Americans, because no great nation can stay great until our people work together again.

    On Election Night, start with an incredibly great meal, and celebrate this great nation, because, as the American Expeditionary Force showed exactly one century ago, during “The Great War” -- the War to End All Wars that finally finished November 11th, 1918 -- “It’s not over, til it’s over..., over there.”

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.