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Hatred evaporates a Grand Old Party

    Monday, October 29, 2018 -- (Long Beach, CA) -- While the President says he is not to blame if Republicans lose in a week, a withering G.O.P. faces its worst election since Nixon’s resignation and pardon.

    Hatred is burning this blessed country, yet the President slaps others and says that the matches of fury burn only because of them.

    What election result do Republicans face?

    What will happen to Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party if the President warns of violence because of an election result? More bombings? Large rocks thrown in windows? Hate groups flare? More weeping by ones who know better? Does he turn his back or is his match throwing immediately immediately followed by blaming the Fires of Hell on those reporting the flames?

    Political pyromania will have a historic effect -- the Republican party will evaporate.

    The Coin of Rage is raw hatred on one side, and righteous indignation on the other. Because this imperfect Union has not witnessed raw seething hatred from the White House since America’s 15th president, the burning fires are raging like no one alive will know.

    Unlike 1974, this time the collapse of an election will cost Republicans absolute control of Congress. Unlike 1932, the failure of government to save the nation from economic collapse will cost more than a Great Depression ousting Republicans from power.

    Now, the consequence of a President’s words and deeds will be the absolute evaporation of Mr. Lincoln Grand Old Party itself.

    In one week, Americans will rise in fury and vote in righteous indignation.

-- The Republican party will be crushed everywhere.

-- The President will blame everyone but himself.

-- Surviving lawmakers will howl to the President.

    How will the President reply?

-- Insult Republicans, and blame them for their own collapse.

-- Demand surviving lawmakers protect him from the ouster of impeachment.

-- Drag both parties into unwinnable warfare, while his own words and deeds cast an open violent rebellion.

    Because the First Law of Politics is that time is inexorable, both major parties will be wounded by a war that neither can win, and each will erode in public support.

-- Republicans will lose their own base of support, because ordinary Americans who like the President do not care about the party itself.

-- Democrats will flare with continued rage at leaders locked in a war they cannot win, and refuse to fight at absolute battle.

    Meanwhile, the President will smile as both parties lose time, while he uses time to form a movement that is based only upon himself. His own violent fringe will send people into their locked doors, while rebellion conquers the Constitution he’s sworn to defend.

    When each side crumbles, the President will effectively divided and conquer both sides, with an absolute arrogance that makes each unable to defeat his own “Great New Party,” which brings workers and farmers and haters and the rich to use fear that drives down the vote.

    Shamefully, the President will steal religion as the Devil’s tool, so as to claim ownership to the White House. People of deep, genuine and decent faith will be duped by the President, in the ongoing strategy to divide and conquer.

    And thus in 2019 and 2020, this nation shall endure division we’ve not suffered since 1859 and 1860.

    When Mr. Lincoln came to office, Union soldiers stayed in the East Room and defended the White House grounds, to protect against an open violent rebellion set to invade Washington.

    Now, the violent rebellion is waged from the White House itself.

    When Americans slam their own doors shut in absolute fear to vote, victory will be declared. The President himself seeks not to win by defending the Constitution, but to destroy all sides by violence and raw greed. Revolution will rise within the White House itself.

    Since Party of Grace is routinely smacked down with one-week lock-downs on social media, this message is posted 8th days before the election, simply so that on Election Day itself, once more can it be said that this nation is burning in Fires of Hell, sparked by a President is who is casting the match.

    This prediction of the evaporation of Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party is absurd, and borders on insanity. To say this President would claim that he owns history itself, and exit the G.O.P. to create a “Great New Party” is simply an absurd prediction. But because time is inexorable, if the President hopes to rewrite history by taking ownership of a new world order, he must do so swiftly after next week.

    Will the President slap down his own surviving lawmakers, demand their allegiance, spark raging violent, and then laugh at the collapsed major parties, to run as the only alternative? Let us all hope that this absurd thought is simply wrong.

S   A   V   I   N   G       A   M   E   R   I   C   A

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Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.