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for our children,
for our families,
for seniors and veterans,
for the environment?

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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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August 5th


An Open Appeal for Your Contribution:

For nine months, I have campaigned in ten cities and across cyberspace, laying out the simple idea that government's job is to help make life better for ordinary people.

  • No one should get sick just because they go into the ocean.
  • Kids and the eldery should be able to go to the doctor.
  • Ordinary investors with money in a 401(k) or mutual fund should not have to fear the mailman bringing bad news when the quarterly report arrives.
  • Schoolkids and workers and ordinary people should all be able to get technology skills, whether it is to prepare for a job in the hi-techn economy or just to feel confident sending email to family.
  • We ought to keep the promises we made to our veterans.
There's now just three months left in this campaign. My opponent has shown that he simply cannot deliver on the environment, education, health care, and budget support for local programs and so many other things.

I figure that you having read this far, you've probably heard all that from me before.

What you don't hear very much from me is this: "I sure do welcome your contributions."

You don't hear my appeals for money because I have focused my campaigning on... well, campaigning. I believe in issues and going out there.

But this Friday, I've got to hand over a check for $2,800 to pay for a ballot statement that will be sent to all 220,000 votes of the district. You can imagine how big a chunk of money that is for a campaign like mine.

Help me pay for my ballot statement. You can do so ONLINE by secured server.

I've enlisted the ARISTOTLE company to manage my online fundraising. It's the leading internet fundraising service for political campaigns. It's safe and easy.

Go to my website, at Every single page has a direct link to Aristotle at the very top. (Look for the animated credit cards.)

I've been so very fortunate to enjoy support from scores of wonderful people. Join my heroic multitude. Give what you can afford, and you can be assured that it will be put to good use.

With kindest regards,
Candidate for State Assembly
67th State Assembly district

If you do not wish to donate online, you may send a personal contribution.

  1. Write a check, payable to FRIENDS OF BILL ORTON.
  2. In the "memo" area, write "FPPC #1240194."
  3. Along with your name, address, and phone number, please also include your email address. If the donation is for over $100, please include the name of your employer and what sort of work you do.
  4. Send your check to 85 Riversea, Seal Beach, CA 90740 LIMITS: The maximum personal limit for an individual is $3000.

    For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.
Friends of Bill Orton        85 Riversea Road, Seal Beach, CA 90740        (562) 598-9630
FPPC ID# 1240194