When Peace Ended in Congress

Opinion by Billy Orton

(October 30, 2020) -- How long ago does it feel that Members of both parties stood together on the steps of the Capitol in 2001, to sing “God Bless America?”

It’s supposed to be hard to push legislation, and in rare moments, like March 2020, both sides even work together.

But peace and unity in the Congress -- and across the nation -- may not be displayed again in our lifetime, if a Divider-in-Chief drags both sides into the political abyss.

Since FB is ending use of “Notes,” these words will feel far away in a few days, but the lasting pain will first burn our nation in the most bitter Thanksgiving that Americans may endure.

If Joe Biden appears to win, but the President clutches power with his fist, conservatives must choose whether to serve as pawns or to abandon a tyrant.

By Thanksgiving, it will be clear if the election delivered a certain defeat for the President. But all his words and deeds show that lawyers and goons will continue to be dispatched, with the real potential that the election will be stolen.

So as families weep for empty chairs of their Thanksgiving table (due to a virus the President dismisses), fury and hatred over a stolen election will erupt into the Fires of Hell.

What then would you face, if you are one of the surviving Republicans of the Congress?
  1. You’ll witness violence that could spark the Second Civil War. No one will sit idly by if a Tyrant-in-Chief has so shattered the nation that families argue at the table and workers flame at the coffee machine. Never will one side politely accept the other’s word. Instead, a Rebel-in-Chief will pour fuel onto the Fires of Hell, and thugs around the world -- like Vladimir Putin -- will see their opportunity to seize the vacuum. The nation will erode as a global leader, as Americans battle one another street-by-street, room-by-room.

  2. You’ll face an Off-Year election that virtually no Republican can hope to win. If somehow the Fires of Hell do not erupt absolutely, then voters will turn out in massive numbers for every future election to reject any hope for unity and peace. Many centrist Republicans will switch parties, or declare independence, to never again vote for a party that has been hoodwinked, shattered and stolen by a tycoon.

  3. You’ll see Impeachment again. If the Senate flips and the House stays blue, there is no reason for Ms. Pelosi to hold back her rank-&-file. If the election is clearly stolen, evidence placed before the House Judiciary Committee will be so damning that it may be like July 1974, when Members voted in unity to oust a Tyrant-in-Chief.

  4. You’ll endure the demand for another “Era of Good Feelings.” Two centuries ago, the Super-Rich openly committed treason, by throwing support of the conservative party behind the King of England, who had invaded America to get his colonies back. The rich cared more about their own wealth than the salvation of the nation. When Congress Members realized that the conservative’s party had been stolen by the Super-Rich, they abandoned George Washington’s Federalist party in Exodus. There was no conservative candidate in the 1820 election. Now, as voters witness the Super-Rich steal an election, they will see that Republicans have a choice -- be pawns, or flee in Exodus.

  5. The Exodus to save America will demand an “up the middle” alternative. My own paltry effort to seek recognition of the “Party of Grace” fell short. In 2017, I exited the Democratic party (which had paid my salary for decades) and saw both major parties as broken. After several years in the political wilderness recruiting members, conducting outreach, and seeking recognition for a party that technically doesn’t exist, my effort ended with an hour talking with an attorney at the Federal Elections Commission on a letter submitted on March 4th, 2019, exactly Four-Score-and-Six-Year after the last time a president delivered an Inaugural on that day.

While my own effort failed to erect Party of Grace, I do not stand alone.

Congressman Tom Campbell, of California, himself exited mainstream politics, retiring as a Member of the House, and leave the Republican party, to join his “Common Sense” party. He’s formed a Board, gathered signatures (albeit denied of success by COVID), and pursued recognition in America’s biggest state.

The rise of an “up the middle” alternative does, on its face, reject the existing minor parties. The Libertarians and Greens and American Independents and others are run by honorable people with cherished agendas, the fact that each is gripped by unbending dogma makes it unlikely that centrists and mainstream conservatives would flock their way.

Thus, come this Thanksgiving, the surviving Republican Members of Congress -- and elected officials across the nation -- may wish to take a look at their alternatives, be it to flee in Exodus as independents bound by not party’s dogma, or the formation of an “up the middle” alternative -- like Tom Campbell’s “Common Sense” party.

Failure to break from a Tyrant-in-Chief will guarantee that the bitter harvest of a shattered party will feed Republicans the worst meal they’ve ever endured.

Turn Out vs. Burn Out... Or, the evaporation of the Grand Old Party

Opinion by Billy Orton

(October 29, 2020) -- The People will say if polls and maps forecast the 2020 outcome.

As a retired second-rate press secretary, my penultimate FB “note” is merely to once again warn that selling a political party lock-stock-&-barrel to just one man shall pose an existential threat to Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party.

If 2018 was the “Righteous Indignation” election, 2020 is the “Flaming Fury” race.

Let The People judge the Commander-in-Chief who dismisses as “suckers and losers” our 150,000 war dead of a century ago and orders a military parade for his wife.

Let us hope that America and longtime allies do not suffer a the vacuum caused by American division does not become an ultimate opportunity for Russia to finally attain victory “The Great Game” played for 500 years.

Perhaps a Thug-in-Chief will simply reject any possible loss with lawyers and goons.

But when Thanksgiving arrives in a dark reminder of the 225,000 Americans killed by a pandemic, it will not be simply one man’s personal arrogance spoiling the holidays.

Instead, by the time Thanksgiving arrives, the GOP will face its existential threat with the question of whether they will openly side with one man’s division and thuggery.

Two weeks after Election Day, the House GOP Members -- those who survive -- will choose their leadership. In the Senate, they’ve got about three weeks to smell the coffee.

If the outcome is obvious, and yet lawyers and thugs are fighting for a Rebel-in-Chief, the only wise move by surviving Republicans is to abandon Donald J. Trump.

For surviving Republican lawmakers, it will be bad enough that 2020 is an election that makes earlier losses pale. It took years to end Richard Nixon haunting with his resignation and pardon in 1974, and decades after the crushing defeat of a do-nothing hate-spitting Herbert Hoover to Franklin Roosevelt in 1932.

If Donald J. Trump is soundly defeated, but dispatches lawyers and goons to rescue him, the Republican party face an existential choice: Will they openly side with a Rebel-in-Chief, who owns the machinery of the Republican Party?

If the outcome is a clear loss, but the GOP chooses division over unity, they shall forever be viewed as mere lackeys to the super-rich, willing to blatantly side with a “charlatan,” and be etched with a failure to win a national election.

So when Thanksgiving arrives, they must choose.

Will Lincoln's ghost watch a "charlatan" who owns the GOP machinery exercise all powers in his reach to become the "Rebel-in-Chief" who sends rank-&-file conservatives into Exodus from a shattered stolen party?

The Exodus wouldn’t be the first evaporation of the conservative party.

In 1816, the super-rich in New England openly sided with the King of England, who wanted his colonies back. When rank-&-file Members of George Washington’s Federalist Party realized that they’d be hoodwinked, it was clear that never could they win a national election under that machine. The could not be a conservative in the 1820 election, because the elected officials had fled the Federalists in a mass exodus, and coined a phrase -- “The Era of Good Feelings” -- to purge the memories of open treason.

But as Americans face a bitter winter of discontent, Republicans must choose the diet they eat, for they reap a bitter harvest for the toughest Thanksgiving at which they’ll ever feast.

Like the Fires of Hell, 2020’s Fury Burns With No Compromise

Opinion by Billy Orton

(October 21, 2020) -- In two weeks, the American people cast ballots that shall set forth a burning rage so furious that our imperfect Union may suffer division for decades, ignited into a bonfire set by a contested election – even if the outcome is obvious – because just one man shows no compromise.

Already, the flames of violence and intimidation rage.

Nationwide, the President is dispatching his self-declared personal army to enforce his will over the voting stations. The ultimate threat of gun violence looms, as groups who the President refuses to denounce stand ready as his thugs and goons. In California, fake drop-off boxes are harvesting ballots, while matches were cast into an official ballot box in Los Angeles.

On Nov. 4th, the President shall beat his chest -- to boast of victory or demand it -- but the impact of his arrogance shall result in far more division than one election.

Not since the Civil War has the fury burned more explosively in this imperfect Union. And not since the “Era of Goods Feelings” of two centuries ago has a major party faced evaporation because the super-rich openly put personal wealth above survival of the nation.

Such words are harsh, but the outcome could be far worse for generations.

Immediately, the Republican party shall suffer a defeat not felt since Richard Nixon haunted voters in 1974 and Herbert Hoover had starved Americans with the Great Depression. The final outcome rests rightly in the hands of The People, but this humble writer predicts that both Chambers and the White House will clearly crush Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party.

America’s Divider-in-Chief -- who openly praises a Confederate military that waged violence rebellion to split the nation -- hurls bombshells of hatred so destructive that no flame cast from his fingers can be snuffed under his tenure.

After the 2020 collapse of the Republican party, the absolute ownership of the machinery of the GOP will cause an even more profound political disaster. Just like 1820’s “Era of Good Feelings,” it will become obvious to Congressional Members of the conservative party that never shall their Party be viewed as anything but a pawn.

Two centuries ago, the King of England demanded his colonies back, and invaded the young American nation. The super-rich hoodwinked the conservative political machinery – George Washington’s Federalist party – to openly support a return of the colonies to the King, simply because the super-rich were willing to sell America short just to stay rich.

Now, this nation shall suffer a division caused with the same greed that led to the evaporation of the Federalists. No candidate in their right mind will obligate themselves to a machine held by the current Divider-in-Chief. As happened two centuries ago, the rank-&-file Members shall resign their membership and leave in exodus.

We shall see a collapse a Party that started with Mr. Lincoln’s battle against open violent rebellion and will end due to a Rebel-in-Chief willing to carve the nation in two.

If this harsh prediction appears to be prophetic, the leadership of the GOP could save their Party only by abandoning the Divider-in-Chief, and declare a second “Era of Good Feelings.”

If the defeat of the GOP is painfully obvious, the Senate Majority Leader would be wise to turn to the Vice President and ask him to invoke Section Four of the XXVth Amendment, and pull the keys of the Oval Office from the clutching fist of a crying bully.

There shall be no "Return to Normalcy" of a century ago, for if this prediction comes true and the GOP leadership stays loyal to a corrupt thug, a rising fire cannot be snuffed by greater tyranny.

Let us hope, therefore, that the conservative leaders recognize that existence of Mr. Lincoln’s Grand Old Party can only be saved by abandoning the President, accepting the outcome, and rejecting any role in legal crocodile tears wept by a man who cares more about his own wealth than survival of this imperfect Union.

Let’s say, ‘Thank You, Mister Roosevelt’

Opinion by Billy Orton

(October 31, 2020) -- Exactly one century ago, Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- a rich man from New York who started as a state Senator before getting the job of running the day-to-day details of the US Navy during World War One -- finished a vigorous campaign as the Democrat’s VP nominee.

The outcome delivered a clear win for Republican Warren G. Hardin, who ran a race seeking a “Return to Normalcy” sitting on his porch in Ohio, because almost one million Americas died due to the Spanish Flu, which took 100 million worldwide, as the most brutal killer ever to strike the Industrial Age.

In 1921 -- for the first time in two decades -- Franklin Roosevelt became a private citizen. Two years later, after a swim in the Hudson River, he contracted polio -- the feared disease that crippled him (and millions) for life. Only his closest political friends believed he’d ever run for office again.

As the 1928 election drew near, the Governor of New York -- Alfred E. Smith -- jumped into the race for President, and encouraged Mr. Roosevelt to run as his ally to take the job of running the largest state in the nation.

Soon after Governor Roosevelt took office in 1929, the global economy collapsed, staring with a stock market crash and dragged by a Republican President who refused to lift a finger as one-third of workers lost their jobs and people starved and died on the street.

Governor Roosevelt -- who ran in 1930 for reelection as a Progressive -- stepped up where President Herbert Hoover refused, by creating social services never before offered to the American people. As Hoover sat on his hands, Roosevelt’s leadership of America’s largest state gave voters a clear choice in 1932.

Promising ordinary Americans a “New Deal,” Mr. Roosevelt crushed the reelection race of Herbert Hoover, taking a 472-to-59 victory in the Electoral College, and flipping the Congress and legislatures across the nation.

In his first Inaugural, Mr. Roosevelt immediately embraced a terrified nation, telling them:

“Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met with that understanding and support of the people themselves which is essential to victory. And I am convinced that you will again give that support to leadership in these critical days.”

Indeed, the American people turned to Mr. Roosevelt to lead the nation from a collapsed economy, and, as war erupted, to lead the world to victory over a global fight against hatred, tyranny and genocide.

In April 1945, after four years of war and four elections as president, Franklin Roosevelt last visit to Warm Springs GA ended with death, sending the nation into tears. Mrs. Roosevelt sat beside his casket as the presidential train slowly traveled 700 miles, often past track lined with hundreds and thousands weeping as they passed.

In the trip to bring her husband’s body to Washington, Mrs. Roosevelt handwrote details of a funeral that were carried out to the letter, with a riderless horse-drawn military wagon slowly moving the dead Commander-in-Chief with lines of soldiers, sailors, and Marines one his last trip past the White House. (After the funeral in Washington, the notes were given to the Secretary of State, who placed them in his safe, which, two decades later, served as the exact details that Jackie Kennedy used after her own husband’s death in office.)

Soon after, President Harry Truman joined Mrs. Roosevelt to see FDR’s casket laid to rest in Hyde Park NY, on the family home he had earlier donated as a gift to the American people.

In the following 1946 election, the Republican party flipped the Congress, and immediately displayed a raw hatred of a man they could never defeat during his 13 years as President. Republicans pushed through the XXIInd Amendment to the Constitution, to assure that no one will ever be elected to more than two terms as president.

We can debate the details of FDR’s vision of the expanded powers for a federal government, but now is the time to remember Mr. Roosevelt, as the most significant person to lead the American people.

Let 2020 be the time for a national mission to thank Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Let ordinary American put aside current political division to work together for the coming twelve years, and build up a huge celebration in 2032, to honor the election a century ago of a man who gave himself completely to saving this nation.

Let us say, “Thank you, Mister Roosevelt.”

When a bragging Tycoon tweeted his way as America's Hater-in-Chief, Billy Orton became a Groucho Marxist

Between 1992 and 2015, Billy was a Democratic staffer to five California lawmakers and a labor union. In Jan 2017, Billy exited major party politics, disgusted that both parties were broken. As a pure protest, Billy became the only member of the "Party of Grace," which technically does not exist. (There are 207 "parties" with registered voters in CA's 44th.) Billy follows America's greatest comedian -- Groucho Marx, who taught, "I would never join any club that would have ME as a member." Perhaps because Billy's political novels are absurd satire, the Angel Groucho might overlook his registering as a Republican in April 2019, to run his own absurd race for Congress.

When a stroke may be a Blessing in disguise

HEART PITTER PATT... – (JANUARY 27, 2016) -- Somehow I recall that on Dec 1, 2008, my body weight was 232 pounts. All my life, weight varied wildly. I never understood why I could gain or lose ten or more pounds in a week, despite no major eating changes. As it turned out, the failure of my heart resulted in fluid being stored in my body, sending huge shifts in my size, because the fluid and the heart were a nasty combo. At the end of 2008, I finally got a doctor who figured out why my heart and fluid were messed up, and in 2009 through 2012 the improvement moved me down from the 230s into the 220s, 210s, and 200s, all reflecting positive medical actions between me, my primarly doctor, and my heart doctor. Then, in 2012, I realized that it would be helpful for me to use a daily file to record how weight could be a helpful sum to show the progress of heart treatment. Then, in 2014, I finally was put into a survical action where my heart was cut open, patched with lots of surgery, and the result shows major improvement. However, the fluctuations remained, and the ultimate outcome in Dec 2015 was a major head stroke. That is shown in the righthand area. Based on the initial result from the Dec 14 surgery and the intense month of recovery at the hospital, not only did I survive the stroke, but there seems to now be a normalization of weight changes. I have been recording my daily weight, and for the first time in my life, there seems to be no wild shift in my weight. What this suggests is that not only did I live, but now my body seems to have achived a weight that goes up or down by a pound or so, and my weight is at a size of where I was about 30 years ago. So, sure, being knocked down for the major hospital thing that I experiendes between Dec 13 and Jan 5, I cound myself to be luckier than I every have been in my life. Woo hoo!

IMAGE: Forty years before a stroke, an 8th Grader on America's Bicentennial Year (1976)

The Flag

Click on the image for the Smashwords site carrying the published post gender novels!

Get Back on Joe Biden's Horse... with Groucho Harpo Chico Nixon

Sound familiar? Joe Biden runs against a hate-spitting anti-politician who hammers division, tortures women, slurs foreigners & insults soldiers. Hatred erupts into violence across America. Finally the Inciter-in-Chief leads his Confederate cavalry to attack the Capitol. (Search "WHERE IS HE"). And THAT is satire? Published in 2014, this pre-Trump fiction might just make Americans laugh again.

When Two Lovers Woo
A female soldier endures sexually attacks by a Congressman on a "fact-finding" tour of Afghanistan, while her webcam-stripper girlfriend fights pirates and a violent ex-boyfriend. Will the soldier face life behind bars for defense against rape? Or will the newlyweds finally kiss, after Joe Biden's addresses troops and bombs explode near Air Force One?

Hope for Change, but Settle for a Bailout
SATIRE ON 2010 ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.... Are times so hard that everyone needs a bailout? Is a lottery ticket the only way up for ordinary Americans? And if winning changes everything, does it actually change you? A dork, an athlete and a stripper speak to anger against Fat Cats who beg for bailouts while the poor are lucky to eat during the collapse of the financial system.

Love and Hate in America
What happens when hate wins the presidency? What is the "White Again House" like for people who work or visit or live there. Ask two married women ordered to visit the Sexist-Pig-in-Chief -- President Dick Bomber. (Wait, who?) Fat Cats, the Kluster of Kaboose Klams and Vladdy Vlad Vlad, OH MY! Outrageous! The novel? Reality? Or married women? LOVE it! HATE it! But it's FREE!!


In Dec 2015, a stroke and major brain surgery knocked Billy Orton down.

On New Year's Day 2016, he hobbled through a hospital, spoke few words, could not read, and short-term memories swam away like fish.

Billy's hardest year -- 2016 -- made him the luckiest soul in America, for while all others endured an ugly presidential election, he simply had to learn to again walk and read and speak.

Exactly two years after brain surgery, Billy picked up an ID card to start a Masters program at Cal State Long Beach, where he finished a bachelors decades earlier.

Billy stutters, and cannot recite a speech. Reading remains hard. Vision is weak. Hands don't work so well. So this humble messenger thanks God (and Mr. Roosevelt) each day for life's great fortune.

Only God, in His omnipotence, knows what the future holds, but we each can learn that every day is both a challenge and a reward.

By letting go of selfishness and arrogance, this humble messenger is indeed the luckiest soul in America.

Billy spent 2017 and 2018 as the only registered member of the Party of Grace -- which technically does not exist -- to cast a pox on America's broken politics. In the 44th District, 207 political parties represent the 353,000 registered voters. So is Billy just some Marxist? "Of course I'm a Marxist," says Billy. "I've loved Groucho for decades." (That's a joke btw.)

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June 25, 2017
America’s smallest working barn offers a July 4th reviv’ul mtg with Thai food and fireworks

June 18, 2017
Three fathers construct America’s smallest working barn

June 15, 2017
Party of Grace throwing Independence Day barn dance to help save America from hate

  • Champion our ports? Billy has for 25+ years. Billy now rings the alarm about losing cargo ships to The Artic. Billy will always fight to save San Pedro's economy.
  • Shipping lanes in an ice-free Arctic? Unwise unless all sides -- particularly workers -- reach global agreement on how cargo moves.
  • Building The Wall? Every President likes big projects. Billy is neutral on the President's construction project, but raises what few mention, which is that climate change will result in absolute global chaos... of food riots, water wars, and tyranical govts... resulting in mass migration -- human and beast -- to seek God's greatest gift -- His water. Even if the President sees that chaos, his refusal to bear any burden on climate change simple complicates global impacts. His project becomes a Wall of Babble.
  • Single payer? As Billy weighs that legislation, his own smaller proposal will be adding Denti-Care because any MediCare member likely needs a dentist.
  • Freeway toll-lanes? Absolutely not!!!
  • Enough gun laws? Since the two broken parties in Washington are incapable of passing any legislation, let's start by enforcing gun laws we already have.
  • Veterans medical and mental health care? Damn straight. As symbols, why not give personnel exiting Active Duty a dog... or a gym card... or free fishing/hunting licence. America's sacred promise is to never ditch military service personnel..
  • Homeslessness... Think what you want about homeless adults, but kids are total innocents. They had no say in their fate. We should feed homeless kids and give them the normalcy of going to a school... one that helps their family get services.
  • Pro-choice, pro-labor, pro-environment..
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act? We must, for Tyrants-in-Chief seize power through division and domination.
  • Label GMOs? Consumers deserve to know. Farmers risk lost sales.
  • Marijuana? Treat it like alcohol. No open container, no DUI, not for minors; otherwise legal, taxed, regulated.

  • San Pedro Butane Tank Farm... Get Dept of Energy into talks with Plains All-American about the company vacating their site.
  • The Waterfront... Get the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin to berth vessels at AltaSea to study ocean acidification, whale incursions into shipping lanes, and sea-level rise.
  • Carson... Create a National Institute on Goods Movement, at CSUDH.
  • Asian Pacific Trade... Work with the ports and myriad agencies to boost trade with Samoa, the Philippines, and Cambodia, but I would vote no on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • The Compton Federal Building... Erect a federal building (near the Blue Line Station) to handle immigration and naturalization cases, with space for an OSHA office (to investigate accidents at the ports), the EPA (to monitor air and water quality), the Army Corps of Engineers, and Fish & Game.
  • Watts-to-Wilmington WiFi Project... Encourage Small Business Administration investment for private companies and local govt on free universal WiFi attached to overall services as model projects.

God gave us one planet to live on. Let's save His gift.
  • EARTH... Massive federal effort, with legislation if necessary, to save bees, which stand as perhaps God's greatest gift to the planet; investment in topsoil preservation; a federal version of the Williamson Act, to reduce the pressure to turn cropland over for residential development; coordination with Native American nations on habitat restoration and long-term, sustainable economic development on reservations; support through USDA of urban victory gardens to encourage a re-connection with the cycle of growing seasons.

  • WATER... Greater capture, percolation, treatment, and re-use of stormwater runoff; the soft-bottoming of channels now hardened with concrete, like the Los Angeles River; continued talks between the feds and California to assure the continued viability of the Great Central Valley as our nation's most productive cropland; restoration of degraded wetlands, particularly along the Gulf Coast; research to advance desalination to bring down costs and lessen environmental impact; and bringing realistic assumptions into the management of the Colorado River watershed.

  • FIRE... Investment in forest management, to reduce the fuel accumulation that leads to super fires; added firefighting resources, in light of dryer hotter times; matching funds for state and local firefighting, since the fire "season" is now year round.

  • AIR... Mandate all US sea and air ports create emission reduction plans for mobile sources, similar to work done by the ports of LA & LB; cooperative efforts with the major automakers on electric battery technology.

How do we send people to war? and welcome them back?
  • WAR... We must be prepared for major warfare, but anticipate fighting asymetrical conflicts against force like the Islamic State and Al-Queda, but a headlong screaming plunge into war is irresponsible. We must brace for sacrifice, but choose conflicts carefully, so any sacrifices hold meaning.

  • ON THE FRONT... We need more forces, particularly throughout the Marines, in civil administrative units of the Army, and special operations in each service. Full integration of women into all jobs in the military must continue. We need more airlift, like the C-17 Globemaster, which is the modern truck for moving personnel and materiel. With more airlift comes the need for more air bases.

  • WHEN THEY GET HOME... Everyone exiting military service gets a full physical and mental health assessment, which is formally conveyed to the VA. Guarantee three months of home base stationing after final deployment, to conduct health assessments and give a transition into civilian life. Include contract provisions to give exiting personnel a dog or gym card, to smooth the transition.


Eight months campaigning as a "New Skooler" offering an "up the middle" alternative. Withdrew.

Three months campaigning to help defeat a front-runner. Endorsed opponent and withdrew.

Drafted to run as a "Sacrificial Lamb" in the 67th Assembly, which covered Cypress, HB, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Rossmore, and Seal Beach, plus portions of Anaheim, Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster. Outspent 7-to-1. The incumbent won soundly.

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SEPT 14, 2002
Bill Orton proposes an end to soak-the-rich budgeting

SEPT 11, 2002
LETTER: Bringing the magic of good food to schoolkids

SEPT 7, 2002
Part 1 of "First Day on the Job" series: Bill Orton's 2003 legislative agenda focuses on freedom, quality-of-life issues

SEPT 5, 2002
LETTER: Governor should veto AB 60

SEPT 5, 2002
Harman fiddles as Bolsa Chica Burns

State budget passed, Tom Harman delivers nothing

SEPT 1, 2002
WEBSITE SUCCESS: Traffic triples in 2002

AUG 30, 2002
Congressman Bill Orton, of Utah, endorses Bill Orton for state Assembly

AUG 28, 2002
Orton announces positions on fall ballot measures

AUG 27, 2002
Orton supports freeway sign for Korean Business District

AUG 26, 2002
Simon now, Harman then: Misstatement, mistake, miscue or just plain pandering?

AUG 26, 2002
Orton accepts refusal to print sample ballot statement

AUG 25, 2002
Elvis answers politician's call

AUG 18, 2002
Orton breaks with Governor over testing; calls for expansion of 'vocational ed,' computer access

AUG 18, 2002
COMMENTARY: We need to move beyond the obsession on testing

AUG 17, 2002
Calling all Elvises!

AUG 17, 2002
Bill Orton praises Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for tentative support of Flag-&-Pledge Amendment concept

AUG 10, 2002
Protesters tell Harman to 'play ball' with Governor on Bolsa Chica offer

AUG 9, 2002
Bolsa Chica Likely Battleground in Assembly Race

AUG 7, 2002
Harman slams door on Bolsa Chica offer; Rally still on for Aug. 9

AUG 5, 2002
Bolsa Chica choice is black-and-white, Orton tells attendees to HB council

AUG 3, 2002
Noon, Fri., Aug 9th Rally to Save the Bolsa Chica

AUG 1, 2002
OPINION: Let's Pass a Flag-&-Pledge Amendment

JULY 23, 2002
How Tom Harman could save the Upper Mesa of the Bolsa Chica

JULY 17, 2002
Sanitation board members vote to end OCSD's controversial waiver

ORTON ON CAMPAIGN CASH: "Just enough for pastry politics"

July 11, 2002
FRONT PAGE: Local politician leading effort to save U.S. pledge

HB Independence Day Parade marks kickoff in drive for Flag-&-Pledge Amendment

JUNE 29, 2002
Bill Orton offers $7 million budget package for ten cities of 67th Assembly district

JUNE 27, 2002
Southern California politician proposes 20-word Flag-&-Pledge Amendment

JUNE 23, 2002
Friends of the Shipley Nature Center to hold open house

JUNE 22, 2002
Bill makes friends at Leisure World parade and festival with strawberry ice cream recipe

JUNE 16, 2002
Bill Orton calls for universal computer access in schools

JUNE 10, 2002
The S.U.V. Bill

JUNE 8, 2002
My brother, Edison High School and how the Ramones saved rock 'n roll

JUNE 6, 2002
Bill Orton to speak to American G.I. Forum, will address immigrant drivers license issue

MAY 24, 2002
Opponent cannot 'fight on both sides' on SUV bill, says Orton

Orton marches with HERE Local 681 in Mothers Day action

MAY 8, 2002
Orton joins environmentalists in opposing 388 homes on the Bolsa Chica upper mesa

MAY 5, 2002
Orton reaches tenth city bearing gifts; spends weekend campaigning in Stanton

APRIL 28, 2002
Orton invites opponent to dance the go-go

APRIL 12, 2002
Orton laments passage by Assembly of 'urgent' sewage district bill

APRIL 5, 2002
Bill Orton knocks opponent's environmental voting record, graded as an "F" by the League of Conservation Voters

APRIL 2, 2002
Assembly candidate Bill Orton marks April Fool's one day late, courtesy County of Orange

MARCH 28, 2002
Orton calls on President to start talks with Japanese on compensation for WWII prisoners

MARCH 20, 2002
Farmers Market man celebrates National Agriculture Day

MARCH 12, 2002
Orton chides opponent on game of footsy; announces endorsement of Joan Greenwood

MARCH 5, 2002
Orton congratulates opponent on life of ease

FEB 25, 2002
Orton is "Yes on 40," "No on W," backs district schools bonds

FEB 21, 2002
Orton calls for an end to the sewage pumping waiver; announces support from Dr. Paul Yost

FEB 16, 2002
GMO labeling a cure for panics in crop export markets, says legislative candidate

FEB 15, 2002
Orange County elections officials to refund $2,800 to end sample ballot tribulation

FEB 7, 2002
Orton's Statement Won't Hit Homes

FEB 7, 2002
Harman's Bill Goes Way Too Far

FEB 4, 2002
Bill Orton picks up Rossmoor endorsements in race for 67th

FEB 1, 2002
Tribulation over sample ballot turns to triumph without trial

JAN 21, 2002
Bill Orton listed with SmartVoter.org; to speak at OC Dem Convention

JAN 8, 2002
Locals come on board as Orton race in 67th grinds out of first gear

DEC 21, 2001
OPINION: On Religious Freedom

DEC 15, 2001
Leisure World Democrats put Bill Orton over the top in Assembly race

NOV 27, 2001
Bill Orton seeks Democratic nomination in Assembly race

NOV 26, 2001
On Human Cloning and tampering with the food chain

May 22, 2001:
GMO labeling & testing is cure for crop export panics

Billy Orton is a novelist and historian living in Long Beach, California.