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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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The Flag

"No portion of this Constitution shall preclude Congress from passing legislation to adopt or protect a national Flag or Pledge."

The Flag-&-Pledge Amendment

      I have proposed an amendment for the U.S. Constitution that would give Congress the power to protect both the Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance. I've written letters to every member of the House and Senate, seeking a sponsor for what I am calling the Flag-&-Pledge Amendment.

      I believe that we need to take the Flag and the Pledge out of the hands of judges and give them back to the people.

      Proposing an amendment is just the beginning.
  1. A Member of Congress must introduce the Amendment,
  2. The proposal must clear each house of Congress by a two-thirds vote,
  3. Three-quarters (38) of the states must ratify the Amendment in their legislatures.
      If I win my race for state Assembly in November, I will use my influence as a Member of the legislature to lobby Congressmembers to introduce the Flag-&-Pledge Amendment. And if it goes to the states, I will author the motion in the State Assembly to ratify the Flag-&-Pledge Amendment.

      This is bigger than any one person, but the first step is to put forward a proposal. Small as my effort is so far, I am honored to be playing a part in patching the hole in our Constitution.

      I sure would welcome your help.


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