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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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The Flag

August 26, 2002


Are Bill Simon's words for real?

     (ORANGE COUNTY, CA.) -- Is it a misstep, a misstatement or simply misery at another miscue for the Bill Simon camp?

      That's got to be the question, as the GOP gubinatorial's answers to a questionairre on gay rights have found their way into print.

      Answers to a survey sent by the Log Cabin Republicans appear in the current issue of the OC Weekly, under the headline "Simon Flip-Flops, Woos Gays."

      "It's the same kind of pandering my opponent practiced in the last election," said state Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton (D-Seal Beach), who is running against freshman Assemblyman Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach).

      In a highly competitive GOP primary in 2000, Harman also wooed the Log Cabin club, which represents gay, lesbian and transgender Republicans. After gaining the endorsement, Harman abandoned the group's issues.

      In the Weekly piece, it is revealed that Simon:

  • supports gay adoption;
  • supports official state recognition of annual gay-pride festivals;
  • supports tougher hate crime laws;
  • supports former Democratic Governor Jerry Brown’s executive order prohibiting sexual-orientation discrimination in state employment;
  • supports domestic-partnership rights provided by the UC Regents;
  • has gays and lesbians in his campaign and businesses and would hire them in his administration;
  • supports continued government AIDS funding;
  • appreciates the role of gay Republicans in party politics; and
  • though he is against "same-sex marriage," he said the state should give some type of "recognition" when "two individuals have established a strong, caring relationship."

      "The question really must be does the guy believe his own words or is it just mere pandering?" said Orton, who is endorsed by the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club, the LA Stonewall Democratic Club, and has been deemed "acceptable" by ECCO.

      The Weekly's piece can be found at: email message directly to Bill.

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