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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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The Flag

August 27, 2002


Contact: Bill Orton at (562) 598-9630 or by email at <>

Bill Orton backs freeway sign for Korean businesses

     (ORANGE COUNTY, CA.) -- State Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton (D-Seal Beach) announced support for local freeway signage to steer motorists to the Korean Business District on Garden Grove Boulevard.

      "I'd look forward to working with business and community leaders, city officials and CalTrans to get signage along the 22 freeway marking the Korean Business district," said Orton, whose 67th Assembly District includes the westernmost portions of Garden Grove and Westminster.

      With the Garden Grove city council considering a resolution asking for a freeway sign, Orton says that the will seems to be present. It's just a question of details.

      "CalTrans needs clear guidance in the form of a resolution," said Orton. "Business leaders are wise to work with the council for a city proclamation."

      Once the city adopts a resolution, says Orton, the CalTrans people will work with city and community members to arrange for payment and placement of a sign.

      "I've seen how difficult the details can be," said Orton, who once worked for a lawmaker in a neighboring district. In that area, business leaders faced tough times getting signage for another ethnic business district.

      "I spent three years hammering away at the CalTrans people on all sorts of issues, including soundwalls and signage," said Orton. "There is a lot of red tape on freeway issues."

      "Success takes persistence," said Orton, who said that if elected he would fight for a stand-alone sign at the Brookhurst Avenue offramp along the 22.

      Bill Orton is the Democratic nominee for the 67th state Assembly district and faces first-term incumbent Tom Harman in November.

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      For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.

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