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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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The Flag

September 1, 2002


Contact: Bill Orton at (562) 598-9630 or by email at <>

Website success: Traffic triples

      (ORANGE COUNTY, CA.) -- In nine months, state Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton has turned his campaign website -- complete with its pages dedicated to Elvis Presley and the Pledge of Allegiance -- from an unnoticed pit-stop along the information superhighway into a high-traffic political destination on the world wide web.

      "Traffic tripled between January and August," said Orton, who posted 743 visitors to his website in August, up from roughly 200 in January. "I think traffic will triple once again in the next two months."

      Growth has steadily risen since December, as 3700 visitors have stopped by Orton's campaign site, which is at ;.

      Calculating "visitors" is the most conservative measure of traffic. Only the actual number of individual computers used to surf into a site are counted, whereas one "visitor" might "hit" many links and viewmultiple pages.

      Other measures include "page views," which counts the actual number of pages a visitor surfs and "hits," which is the most raw measure of traffic to a site.

      In the first eight months of 2002, the 3703 visitors to Orton's site logged 13,978 "page views" and 31,973 "hits" in 2002.

      August saw sharp rises in traffic, as 743 visitors pulled down 2802 pages (up from 1874 in July) and logged 6383 hits (up from 4418 in July).

      "We're getting closer to the election season," said Orton. "People are beginning to pay attention. I expect to surpass 1,500 visitors in September and double or triple that number for October."

      Orton's site is a home grown product, as the candidate builds his pages and graphics himself using a "clunky old home laptop." He transfers files directly to an internet provider's server in Huntington Beach via an FTP portal.

      Orton learned internet programming while living overseas in Scandinavia. Orton worked for a year as a website designer at the largest daily newspaper in Copenhagen, Denmark.

      "The internet and email are revolutionary communications tools," said Orton. "With a clunky old laptop, some arcane keystrokes and a telephone connection to the internet, I'm able to instantly reach thousands of people. Not even television can bring democracy that close to the ground."

      In August...

      -- 743 visitors surfed Orton's site

      -- 161 visitors read campaign news, at

      -- 48 visitors surfed, which outlines Orton's effort to add a Flag-&-Pledge Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

      Traffic numbers even show that 20 visitors stopped by Orton's page dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll.

      "I'm looking to hire Elvis Presley tribute artists as an October surprise," said Orton. "I've found out that Elvis answers his email."

      Anyone interested in the Elvis-Orton connection can surf to and scroll down to "Calling Elvis."

      Bill Orton is the Democratic nominee for the 67th state Assembly district and faces first-term incumbent Tom Harman in November.

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      For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.

Friends of Bill Orton        85 Riversea Road, Seal Beach, CA 90740        (562) 598-9630
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