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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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Labor Day, 2002

State budget passes, Harman delivers zip

     (WILMINGTON, CA.) -- Fresh from marching with Orange County hotel and restaurant employees in the annual South Coast Labor Day parade, state Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton (D-Seal Beach) slammed his November opponent, Assemblyman Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach), for the incumbent's failure to support the $99 billion state budget when lawmakers approved the spending plan on Saturday.

      "Another budget, another big pile of nothing for the district," said Orton.

      State Assemblymembers finally approved the state budget in the very last hours of the final day of the legislative session. Four Republicans eventually joined 50 Democrats to approve the budget, which the Governor said he expects to sign later this week.

      "What did two months of heel dragging change?" asked Orton.

      The budget passed on September 1st differs only slightly from the version approved by the state Senate on June 29. The final compromises involved less than two percent of all state spending, yet the impasse dragged on for 62 days.

      "In the end, four Republican lawmakers brought state money home to their districts and my opponent was not among them."

      During the past two months, Orton has pressed Harman relentlessly to cut a deal with the Governor to save the upper mesa of the Bolsa Chica.

      In mid-July, Harman took the unusual step of telling the press that such an offer had been dangled before him and that he had flatly rejected it.

      While unusual for a lawmaker to use reporters to close the door on budget deliberations, Harman went on to tell four newspapers that he would not vote to save the Bolsa Chica.

      Three weeks ago -- after having protested outside Harman's office to push for a Bolsa Chica deal -- Orton halted all budget criticism of his opponent, saying that he hoped a free hand would end Harman's budget dawdling.

      Orton told attendees at the August 16th H.B. City Council meeting that he would "cease all campaigning" and end his own race if Harman could cut a deal to save the Bolsa Chica. At the same meeting, Orton gave a $500 donation to help save the Shipley Nature Center in Huntington Beach, which was on the verge of being chopped from the city's budget.

      "My opponent could have been a hero by delivering for this district," said Orton, who went without a pay check for two months during the impasse. "Unfortunately, no money is coming back home to pay for parks in west Anaheim or for trees in Cypress or for a buyout of the Bolsa Chica."

      The parks and trees are drawn from a laundry list of budget items that Orton originally sent out on June 29th to show which items he would request when the next round of budget discussions begins in February 2003.

      Orton's $7-million list includes items for all ten communities in the 67th district, ranging from $250,000 for parks in Rossmoor to $1.2 million for seven items in Huntington Beach and $1.45 million for five projects in West Anaheim. The candidate sent copies of the list to every city councilmember in the district.

      Orton's budget list includes:

ANAHEIM: $1.45 million

  • Healthy Families pilot project: $150,000
  • Tree planting: $100,000
  • Computers at West Anaheim Police Substation: $75,000
  • Anaheim Library Bookmobile: $125,000
  • Twila Reid Park & Community Center: $1 million
CYPRESS: $500,000

  • Tree planting: $500,000
GARDEN GROVE: $1 million

  • Healthy Families pilot project: $100,000
  • Lampson median landscaping: $200,000
  • Little League, Ponytail AYSO sports field upgrades: $500,000
  • Tree planting: $100,000
  • School-based Community Policing: $100,000
HUNTINGTON BEACH: $1.2 million

  • Shipley Nature Center: $500,000
  • Bolsa Chica bridge & trails: $225,000
  • Joint Fire Training Center: $75,000
  • Firing Range Cleanup: $250,000
  • John Baca Park veterans memorial: $50,000
  • Edison Park upgrades: $50,000
  • Wardlow Boys and Girls Club: $50,000
LA PALMA: $400,000

  • Community Center: $400,000
LOS ALAMITOS: $700,000

  • Smart Streets: $400,000
  • Youth Center: $100,000
  • JFTB pool: $75,000
  • History Museum Latino Heritage exhibit: $25,000
  • Oak & McAulliff community centers: $100,000
ROSSMOOR: $250,000

  • Park upgrades: $250,000
SEAL BEACH: $500,000

  • Pier Seawall: $300,000
  • McGaugh Pool: $25,000
  • Gum Grove Park: $50,000
  • Red Car: $25,000
  • Pharmacy support: $50,000 for pilot project to reach out to residents and businesses about the
  • Medi-Cal/Medi-Care drug rates rules of Senate Bill 933.
  • Marina Park: $50,000
STANTON: $300,000.

  • Boys & Girls Club Teen Center: $250,000
  • Healthy Families pilot project: $50,000

  • Vietnam War Memorial: $100,000
  • Cultural Center & Sid Goldstein Memorial: $400,000
  • School-based Community Policing: $100,000
  • Healthy Families pilot project: $100,000

      "People pay good taxpayer money to live here," said Orton. "We ought to see some of that come back home for a change."

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      For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.

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