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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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September 27, 2002

Bill Orton uses TV, mail, press, email in call for veto of drivers license bill

     (ORANGE COUNTY, CA.) -- Continuing a string of appearances to read an unpublished election statement to televised city council meetings, state Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton (D-Seal Beach) urged Garden Grove and Los Alamitos residents to call on Governor Davis to veto controversial legislation that would grant drivers licenses to immigrants in the state illegally.

      "I urge the Governor to veto the drivers license bill," Orton told councilmembers at the two meetings, "and I encourage people to make their views known to the Governor."

      Orton holds a foreign drivers license, which he obtained while living as a legal immigrant in his wife's native Denmark. Orton had to surrender his California license and show proof of legal residency before receiving the Danish license.

      Los Alamitos and Garden Grove become the third and fourth cities where Orton has read his election statement to the city council. Earlier, Orton appeared before the Seal Beach and Huntington Beach councils.

      At each meeting, Orton explained that he wrote the 250-word statement for inclusion in the county's official sample ballot. But as the candidate checked the wrong box on a form last November, he is not eligible to have his statement printed in the sample ballot.

      The statement appears on the candidate's website.

      Orton also knocked his opponent -- Assemblyman Tom Harman, of Huntington Beach -- for supporting a bill that gives a tuition break to illegal immigrants attending UC, CSU or community colleges.

      Harman backed a measure -- AB 540 (Firebaugh) -- that gives the preferential "in state resident" tuition rate to illegal immigrants who have attended high school in California.

      "We don't give people attending our colleges the resident tuition rate if they are here from Oregon or New York," said Orton. "If we don't cut a break for people from north or east of the border, why should we do it for someone from south of the border?"

      Orton laid out his position on the immigrant issue in a 650-word opinion that appeared in the September 5 edition of the Los Alamitos News Enterprise.

      Orton is also sending out tens of thousands of letters to voters in the district that contain his view on the drivers license bill.

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      For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.

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