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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District


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The Flag

October 10, 2002

Congressman Steve Horn backs Orton's Flag-&-Pledge Amendment goal

     (ORANGE COUNTY, CA.) -- Three months after writing to every member of Congress about a constitutional amendment to protect both the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance, state Assembly candidate William R. "Bill" Orton (D-Seal Beach) announced the arrival of words of support from the nation's capitol.

      "I'm so pleased that Congressman Steve Horn (R-Long Beach) is the first member of the House or Senate to respond to my proposal for a Flag-&-Pledge amendment," said Orton, who, in July, wrote to each member of the House and Senate.

      Orton's proposed amendment would give Congress the power to pass a "Can't-Burn-the-Flag" law and a Pledge law.

      The proposed Flag-&-Pledge amendment reads, "No portion of this Constitution shall preclude Congress from passing legislation to adopt or protect and national flag or pledge."

      "I certainly share your idea," Horn wrote, "regarding your proposal for a single Constitutional amendment to protect both our flag and the pledge of allegiance."

      In August, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher seemingly adopted Orton's concept in a summer "Washington Update" sent to residents of the 46th congressional district.

      After bashing the Ninth Circuit Court, Rohrabacher added that, "Congress is ready to offer an amendment to the Constitution that would protect the expression 'under God' in our Pledge."

      Orton praised Rohrabacher in August and is now praising Horn, who earlier had supported separate resolutions on the Flag and the Pledge.

      Horn's letter is particularly poignant, as Orton, a Democrat, worked for nearly four years for a state lawmaker whose district overlapped the congressional territory that Horn, a Republican, covers. Orton often said publicly that the Congressman got a raw deal in the reapportionment process.

      "Congressman Steve Horn is a gentleman who deserved far better than he got from the redistricting process," says Orton, whose acquaintance with Horn dates back to the 1980s, when Orton attended Cal State Long Beach. "Steve Horn deserved something and he got nothing. He deserved better than that."

      Bill Orton is running for the 67th state Assembly district seat now held by freshman incumbent Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach).

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      For more information, write an email message directly to Bill.

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