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Bill Orton

The Democratic nominee
for California's 67th Assembly District

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OCT 11, 2002 The mutual fund lament: 'Where Have All the Earnings Gone?' (Press Release)
OCT 10, 2002 First Congressional reply to Orton's call for Flag-&-Pledge Amendment arrives (Press Release)
OCT 6, 2002 Bill Orton one month out: Money, mail & a smile (Press Release)
SEPT 30, 2002 ON THE JOB SERIES (Part 3): Elvis impersonators, good drivers would get day in the sun, if up to Bill Orton (Press Release)
SEPT 27, 2002 Bill Orton uses TV, mail, press, email in call for veto of drivers license bill (Press Release)
SEPT 20, 2002 Politician's tax mail tells tall tale (Press Release)
SEPT 15, 2002 Part 2 of the "First Day on the Job" Series: The Power of the Phone Call (Press Release)
SEPT 14, 2002 Bill Orton proposes an end to soak-the-rich budgeting (Press Release)
SEPT 11, 2002 LETTER: Bringing the magic of good food to schoolkids (Published in the LB Press-Telegram, search down to 'school lunches')
SEPT 7, 2002 Part 1 of "First Day on the Job" series: Bill Orton's 2003 legislative agenda focuses on freedom, quality-of-life issues (Press Release)
SEPT 5, 2002 LETTER: Governor should veto AB 60 (Published in the Los Alamitos News Enterprise)
SEPT 5, 2002 Harman fiddles as Bolsa Chica Burns (Published in Long Beach Pres Telegram)
LABOR DAY State budget passed, Tom Harman delivers nothing (Press Release)
SEPT 1, 2002 WEBSITE SUCCESS: Traffic triples in 2002 (Press Release)
AUG 30, 2002 Congressman Bill Orton, of Utah, endorses Bill Orton for state Assembly (Press Release)
AUG 28, 2002 Orton announces positions on fall ballot measures (Press Release)
AUG 27, 2002 Orton supports freeway sign for Korean Business District (Press Release)
AUG 26, 2002 Simon now, Harman then: Misstatement, mistake, miscue or just plain pandering? (Press Release)
AUG 26, 2002 Orton accepts refusal to print sample ballot statement (Press Release)
AUG 25, 2002 Elvis answers politician's call (Press Release)
AUG 18, 2002 Orton breaks with Governor over testing; calls for expansion of 'vocational ed,' computer access (Press Release)
AUG 18, 2002 COMMENTARY: We need to move beyond the obsession on testing (Published in the OC Register's Sunday 'Commentary' section)
AUG 17, 2002 Calling all Elvises! (Press Release)
AUG 17, 2002 Bill Orton praises Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for tentative support of Flag-&-Pledge Amendment concept (Press Release)
AUG 10, 2002 Protesters tell Harman to 'play ball' with Governor on Bolsa Chica offer (Press Release)
AUG 9, 2002 Bolsa Chica Likely Battleground in Assembly Race (Front page coverage from the OC News)
AUG 7, 2002 Harman slams door on Bolsa Chica offer; Rally still on for Aug. 9 (Press Release)
AUG 5, 2002 Bolsa Chica choice is black-and-white, Orton tells attendees to HB council (Press Release)
AUG 3, 2002 Noon, Fri., Aug 9th Rally to Save the Bolsa Chica (Press Release)
AUG 1, 2002 OPINION: Let's Pass a Flag-&-Pledge Amendment (Published in the GARDEN GROVE JOURNAL)
JULY 23, 2002 How Tom Harman could save the Upper Mesa of the Bolsa Chica (Press Release)
JULY 17, 2002 Sanitation board members vote to end OCSD's controversial waiver (Bill reporting from the meeting)
BASTILLE DAY ORTON ON CAMPAIGN CASH: "Just enough for pastry politics" (Press Release)
July 11, 2002 FRONT PAGE: Local politician leading effort to save U.S. pledge (As published in the Seal Beach SUN)
INDEPENDENCE DAY HB Independence Day Parade marks kickoff in drive for Flag-&-Pledge Amendment (Press Release)
JUNE 29, 2002 Bill Orton offers $7 million budget package for ten cities of 67th Assembly district (Press Release)
JUNE 27, 2002 Southern California politician proposes 20-word Flag-&-Pledge Amendment (Press Release about the Pledge of Allegiance)
JUNE 23, 2002 Friends of the Shipley Nature Center to hold open house (Bill supports this group)
JUNE 22, 2002 Bill makes friends at Leisure World parade and festival with strawberry ice cream recipe (Press Release)
JUNE 16, 2002 Bill Orton calls for universal computer access in schools (Press Release)
JUNE 10, 2002 The S.U.V. Bill (Letter to the ORANGE COUNTY BUSINESS JOURNAL)
JUNE 8, 2002 My brother, Edison High School and how the Ramones saved rock 'n roll (An essay, following the death of Dee Dee Ramone)
JUNE 6, 2002 Bill Orton to speak to American G.I. Forum, will address immigrant drivers license issue (Press Release)
MAY 24, 2002 Opponent cannot 'fight on both sides' on SUV bill, says Orton (Press Release)
MOTHERS DAY Orton marches with HERE Local 681 in Mothers Day action (Press Release)
MAY 8, 2002 Orton joins environmentalists in opposing 388 homes on the Bolsa Chica upper mesa (Press Release)
MAY 5, 2002 Orton reaches tenth city bearing gifts; spends weekend campaigning in Stanton (Press Release)
APRIL 28, 2002 Orton invites opponent to dance the go-go (Press Release)
APRIL 12, 2002 Orton laments passage by Assembly of 'urgent' sewage district bill (Press Release)
APRIL 5, 2002 Bill Orton knocks opponent's environmental voting record, graded as an "F" by the League of Conservation Voters (Press Release)
APRIL 2, 2002 Assembly candidate Bill Orton marks April Fool's one day late, courtesy County of Orange (Press Release)
MARCH 28, 2002 Orton calls on President to start talks with Japanese on compensation for WWII prisoners (Press Release)
(See the letter to the President)
MARCH 20, 2002 Farmers Market man celebrates National Agriculture Day (Press Release)
MARCH 12, 2002 Orton chides opponent on game of footsy; announces endorsement of Joan Greenwood (Press Release)
MARCH 5, 2002 Orton congratulates opponent on life of ease (Press Release)
FEB 25, 2002 Orton is "Yes on 40," "No on W," backs district schools bonds (Press Release)
FEB 21, 2002 Orton calls for an end to the sewage pumping waiver; announces support from Dr. Paul Yost (Press Release)
FEB 16, 2002 GMO labeling a cure for panics in crop export markets, says legislative candidate (Press Release)
FEB 15, 2002 Orange County elections officials to refund $2,800 to end sample ballot tribulation (Press Release)
FEB 7, 2002 Orton's Statement Won't Hit Homes (HB Independent)
FEB 7, 2002 Harman's Bill Goes Way Too Far (HB Independent MAILBAG)
FEB 4, 2002 Bill Orton picks up Rossmoor endorsements in race for 67th (News Release)
FEB 1, 2002 Tribulation over sample ballot turns to triumph without trial (News Release)
JAN 21, 2002 Bill Orton listed with; to speak at OC Dem Convention (Press Release)
JAN 8, 2002 Locals come on board as Orton race in 67th grinds out of first gear (Press Release)
DEC 21, 2001 OPINION: On Religious Freedom (As published in the Los Alamitos NEWS-ENTERPRISE)
DEC 15, 2001 Leisure World Democrats put Bill Orton over the top in Assembly race (Press Release)
NOV 27, 2001 Bill Orton seeks Democratic nomination in Assembly race (Press Release)
NOV 26, 2001 On Human Cloning and tampering with the food chain (Letter)